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Summers out, hair extensions in

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The summer is nearly over, so it time to pack up those summer outfits and bring out the winter woolies. One thing that you can forget about packing away are those hair extensions, as they are still all the rage this season.

Lily Allen has even changed her look and sported some gorgeous extra long hair extensions at the GQ Awards. Lily Allen looked amazing with these super chic hair extensions and slightly straightened fringe. Lily wore gothic style make up to give her new mane the sexy look that it deserved.

Tyra Banks on the other hand, who is a former super model and who has her own talk show, has decided to have her famous and most talked about hair extensions removed. It was announced on Twitter that she will soon be sporting her own hair for her talk show.

Tyra Banks admits to being a self diagnosed hair extension addict and claims to have hair extensions in every colour and even her mum does not know what her real hair is like, so she says she will no doubt be back in hair extensions soon.

If you are contemplating having hair extensions, but are unsure what to go for or what they will look like, why not try some clip in hair extensions to start with. Clip in hair extensions are simple to insert and remove and look just as natural as any other hair extension. At Clip Hair, we can help you decide what kind of hair extension is right for you and whatever shade or length you require, we can meet your requirements

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