Steal their style: The Love Islanders

The hottest show in reality tv right now, Love Island is so many people’s guilty pleasure. The show may “make your feel like your braincells are dying whilst watching it” as a very good friend of mine has said but it is addictive! With people making bad decisions, lying and betrayal this dhow has us hooked. Let’s check out some of the Island’s ladies to steal their style.


Montana Brown

Montana has become known for her tryst with Alex but this Hertfordshire lady was once upon a time a pretty smart lady. Economics student at Bournemouth University. She first made a public appearance when dating Manchester united’s Kieran O’Hara. Like her attitude to the male Islanders before Alex arrived Montana is showing off a no nonsense style in her photoshoot. Loving her eyes and lips she wanted to make them her primary features so opted for a low key, slightly centre parted stunning long straight look. From the looks of her hair in the show she has used more than a few extensions to get this luscious look.


Camilla Thur low

The islander who is dubbed the independent lady she seems like more of lady but not independent. Before the show she is rumored to have been a hook up of Prince Harry’s and was in a very serious job travelling the world and detonated explosive in war-torn areas. With such an intense history it is no wonder this bright button is letting her hair down on the show. Speaking of hair Camilla’s honey blonde locks have certainly got the attention of Jamie as she rocked the laid back, messy waves look.


Shannen McGrath

Nick named the Irish Lucky charm, this dental nurse and model is not unused to dating people in the limelight. She has a big crush on the pretty boys and has had Chris (and therefore a whole lot of drama) in her sights. This lady knows how to wow us with her looks and, as a model, is certainly not afraid of the camera. She loves the ultra ice blonde look and we have to say it suits her naturally pale complexion well. Keep playing with your top knots and extra voluminous styles Shannnen, we love your style.


Amber Davies

Amber is one of the Islanders who has apparently found the love she was looking for. This 20 year old dancer from South Wales may be miniature in stature but she is throwing one hell of a punch in the love department. Instead of gracing the stage in Hairspray she is entertaining all of us (which we are very grateful for). One of the few brunette women on the show Amber is very passionate about keeping up her good looks on the show. We love her long locks and even when she is going low key with her makeup her mane helps her look amazing. The key to her healthy long hair is a good dancer’s diet, a hair mask and (we suspect) the added help of some good quality extensions.

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