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Steal Her Style: Billie Faiers

With a successful boutique, blossoming television career, loyal fiancé, killer wardrobe and a figure to die-for, there’s not much missing from the glistening life of Billie Faiers, one of our favourite down-to-earth TOWIE ladies. And now, just to top things off, she’s given birth to a beautiful baby girl – who will no doubt inherit a collection of Billie’s knock-out handbags… we’re well jel!
Baby Faiers has a lot of growing up to do still, but we’re certain that in twenty years she’ll be dressed to the nines and looking just as fabulous as her mummy – here are our favourite Billie looks so far.
Up and at ‘em!
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What we love about Billie is that she isn’t stuck in the same old boring style – she loves to experiment! We think her braided looks work really well with her shock of bright blond hair extensions, and she complements them with a demure bun or pinned detail at the back. If you’re a dab hand at plaits then you should be able to pull off a similar style yourself – simply pull a section of your hair back at the side and plait, then secure with pins at the back and style as appropriate. It might be easier, however, if you have a friend at hand to help, although the messy look is totes in so don’t worry if you have to give it a go yourself!
Girly and gorgeous
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Billie embraces her festival boho-chic with this gorgeous floral headband, which looks girly and playful in her blonde hair extensions. We love how she has chosen to twist the front of her hair and pin it rather than plait it, which leaves the focus on the overall look rather than having too many elements vying for attention. She’s chosen to dial down the formality of this fairly dressy up-do by making it super messy and loose, which creates a beautiful, effortless feel that really suits her style. Bravo!
Tip-top locks
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In true Essex style, there’s nothing Billie loves more than a good ol’ top knot! And here at ClipHair we love this look too, because it’s totally trendy, suits any occasion, and it couldn’t be easier. You can steal Miss Faiers’ style yourself in any way you like – go simple with a classic bun or ponytail, or go a little more complex with the twisted up-do… if you’re not sure you can manage the back on your own, rope a friend in to help. Make sure you have plenty of hairspray at hand for any of these up-dos, as it isn’t very Essex to have flyaway hairs!
Short and chic
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Every good celeb develops a signature look, and for Billie, it’s her trademark long bob. She’s worked this look in every way possible – straight, curly, with a fringe and without, at different lengths, in different shades… you name it, she’s done it, and it’s looked gorgeous every time! Bobs are an effortless way to look chic and stylish, keep cool in the summer, and relieve some of the weight in thick hair. The benefit of a long bob is that you still have the scope to achieve fantastic up-dos, and you aren’t limited in your options for styling your hair when it’s down either. Versatile and bang on-trend, what’s not to love? We did a recent blog post about using extensions to help you create immaculate short hairstyles – why not take a look and try Billie’s hot-to-trot bob for yourself?
Fringe binge!
you can view these images here and here
Once a year all ladies do the same thing – get mega hair-envy and cut in a fringe of some sort. Last year, it was the alternative cropped fringe for us. The year before, the coveted semi-side number a la Michelle Williams. And this year we’re fairly sure Billie has tempted us back over to the dark side – just as our bangs were starting to grow out! We absolutely love Billie’s fringed look, which rests just below her eyebrows creating a stunning thick, blunt look that looks just as great with long hair as it does short. With her bob, this look becomes edgy and high fashion, and with long curls it’s girly and fun. If you’re a little wary of taking the chop yourself, why not try one of our fringe extensions, and save yourself the bother of having to grow it out again in three months. How did we ever live without hair extensions?
There’s no doubt in our minds that new mum Billie will still look fabulous 24/7 – even with a baby in tow! If she can do it, you can too, so good luck and happy styling!
Written By Ula Haris

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