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Steal Her Style – Amanda Seyfried

Steal Her Style – Amanda Seyfried

The Hollywood actress and fashion icon Amanda Seyfried is one of those celebrity gals that most of us would love to share a cocktail with. She’s beautiful, funny, intelligent, and not afraid to make herself look a little silly – do a Google search for the tattoo that she has on the bottom of her foot to find out just how silly!

As the star of Les Miserables, Dear John, In Time, Ted 2, and a whole host of other blockbuster movies, Seyfried has had more than her fair share of costume and hair transformations. She rocked high school pigtails in Jennifer’s Body, long golden curls in Red Riding Hood, and a wickedly retro seventies bouffant to play adult film star Linda Lovelace in recent biopic Lovelace.

The point is that, no matter what style Seyfried is sporting, she always manages to maintain a level of elegance and glamour which makes the rest of us supremely jealous. However, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to steal her looks for yourself – even if you have short hair and want to experiment with something a little more full and luscious.

The Prom Queen

This ‘pretty as pie hairstyle’ is one which Amanda was quite fond of at the beginning of her career and it is awfully sweet and sassy, without being so girly that it makes her look immature. It is a fairly simple look, so it is easy to replicate on your own – if you do have shorter locks, add one of the longer clip in hair extension pieces from ClipHair and use straightening irons to make sure that everything but the bottom ends are poker straight. It is important to remember that only ‘Remy’ hair can be safely styled with heat based devices.

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images via prettydesigns.com 

The Braided Updo

If you’re looking for a super elegant hairstyle that will stay in place all night, but will not get in your eyes or require a whole night of fussing and trips to the bathroom, you could give this beautiful braided updo a try. It’s a classic look and a very popular one with Hollywood celebrities, precisely because it looks high maintenance, but does not need any adjusting if gripped and tied correctly. Whilst you can arrange your braid in almost any way that you want, Amanda Seyfried has given her hair a wonderfully angelic vibe by winding a fishtail plait across her crown.

The Vogue Curl

This funky almost crimped style curl is ideal for Amanda as her face is slightly wider at the bottom than the top and it makes sure that her oval features are perfectly balanced. The curls start from the cheek and stretch all the way to the end, creating soft spirals and waves, and framing the face. This is a really low maintenance hairstyle for women of all ages, because it can be put together quickly with a few rollers, a high quality hair extension piece, and some curling tongs. It’s stylish and sophisticated, but not too over the top for lunch with friends or a hot date.

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images via prettydesigns.com

The Ombre Princess

We have to say that this is one of our all-time favourite hairstyles from the inimitable Seyfried. This gorgeously wacky blonde and purple ombre creation is so modern and fresh that variations of it are still gracing fashion and hair magazines today. It’s one for the bold ladies though, so make sure that you’re ready to turn heads if you want to rock this look. You can tone it down a little by going for slightly softer highlights, but we think it would be a shame to miss out on hot pink, bubble gum purple, or fire engine red.

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