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Steal Her Hairstyle – Laura Prepon

There are a lot of rumours flying around the Orange Is the New Black Camp right now. Sources close to the almost exclusively female cast are claiming that its two leads – Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling – are locking horns with Netflix. So, if the whispers are true, the show could be making a move to HBO in the coming years.

Wherever it ends up, the fans are going to keep tuning in. We just can’t get enough of that spicy on/off romance between jailbirds Piper and Vause. The actresses are great pals in real life and it shows; they’ve got wonderful chemistry and it’ll be interesting to see where the upcoming series takes their two characters.

In the meantime, Laura Prepon (who plays Alex Vause) has been busy wedding planning and making us all green with envy over that flawless cat eye liner. Keep reading to steal some her best hairstyle secrets.

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The Girl with the Curls

Prepon recently starred in the film adaptation of crime novel Girl on the Train, so she’s been hitting the red carpet events pretty hard. This Queen of the Cat Eye also has a knack for creating perfect curls. Just check out the way those relaxed waves fall perfectly over her shoulders, even without a tight structure or too much definition. Long, loose curls are very popular right now and they’re easier to create than you think, especially with the help of clip in extensions. The longer your hair, the more relaxed you can make your curls. Remember to style in small sections. Hold each around the tongs for 10-20 seconds.

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The Rockabilly Princess

With her jet black tresses and striking makeup, the actress has always exuded a very classic appeal. It’s pretty gothic, but also plenty retro. This is the kind of look which suits rockabilly gowns and wide, hooped skirts. Add a touch of vampy red lipstick and you’ll be transformed into quite the man eater. If you’re searching for a hairstyle to match, try this subtle beehive and sidesweep combo. It works best if you wear your tresses in a fairly tight bun or chignon. The emphasis should be on the front of your hair and that dramatic, framing fringe.

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The Secret Redhead

Laura Prepon is one of those stars that you’re never quite sure about it when it comes to natural hair colour. Over the years, she has experimented with all kinds of different shades. This fiery red tone was, for a long time, her assumed colour. The actress is of Irish descent, so it makes sense. It wasn’t until she left her role as Donna in That 70s Show that people realised she was faking. It’s a beautiful shade though and perfect for the winter. If you’ve got quite pale skin, red hair will make your eyes and lips pop like you won’t believe.

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The Seventies Star

Speaking of That 70s Show, Prepon was a major character for all eight seasons. Her on/off relationship with neighbour Eric was a much loved storyline and fans were sad to see the gang leave in 2006. It is pretty funny to learn that her character was nicknamed Big Red, just like another powerful woman who would appear in Lichfield Correctional Facility many years later. While starring on the show, Prepon sported a pretty sweet, very retro down ‘do. It was extremely long, tucked behind the ears, and had a dreamy, hippy aesthetic. It is the kind of low maintenance style that you can create in minutes with clip in hair extensions.

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