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Spring/ Summer Hair Colours

Summer is around the corner which means we can pack away our snow coats, woolly polo necks and head to the salon to spring up our hairdo. Here a few ideas to heat up your style this season.

Pocket Pony-tail

Well, who knew that the pocket ponies which rocked our world back when we were 5 years old would go on to dominate the global fashion industry 20 years later?

This trend is definitely for the bold thinkers and extravagant trend setters (like Katy Perry herself). Strong colours are old news though, so make sure you embrace the more pastel, ‘subtle’ (ironic right?) hair shades in 2014.

Also, be aware that colouring your hair in bright colours requires a lot of peroxide and causes significant hair damage. Self-maintaining beauty sessions with nurturing hair care kits are essential to ensure your hair is well moisturised and kept in a healthy state.

If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair

Rihanna really shocked the pop world when she went from luscious brown to ravishing red back in 2012 – making red sexy and turning all eyes green with envy. Though there are few style icons still rocking this superstar look and it wouldn’t be honest of me to say that it was on the way out. The beauty world will embrace auburn and ginger hair in 2014. Hair specialists are already experimenting and inventing creative techniques to help accomplish the natural copper ‘red’ hair look.

Some professionals suggest highlighting your hair colour to a light brown and then adding a copper shade. If you already have light hair then opt for a strawberry blonde hair dye rather than a beaming red tone to help you achieve the 2014 look. Emma stone, Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams show us all how real redheads do it.

Brown eyed girl

Glossy brunette hair is the recipe that helps accentuate all facial features, especially brown eyes. The dark contrast really enhances the cheek bones and brings out the eye colour helping to create a mysterious glare. So what can you do to keep the fierce feline look but also lighten the mood for summer?

Dip-dye went wild in 2013 like a hippie at Glastonbury and was the fashion world equivalent to marmite; you either loved or loathed it. In 2014 we will see a subtle and classic interpretation of the dip dye look, or should we say dip highlight style? Kate Beckinsale sets the pace with these luscious, mixed toned curls.

For those that want to hit the dislike button on dip-dye altogether, maybe Kourtney Kardashian can spur on some hair-do inspiration this summer. Naturally, the Kardashian girls really rock dark brown locks, but we all enjoy a change and Kourtney has got this style down to a T. The mixture of dark brown, ash blond and auburn lowlights offers a glowing radiance – the blonde encourages a lightness in the sunshine, while the red hair strands bring a bit of sass and sophistication to the equation.

Blonde Bombshell

Blonde is a hard look to pull off (and get right)! There are certain shades for different occasions that accompany different skin tones and it’s hard to figure out where you fit in. Some ladies jump right in for the Marilyn Monroe bleach blonde and look as if they were born with it, while others jump between the golden girl, sunny honey and mousy blonde.

One time or another we wish we had the golden girl Kate Hudson locks from the film ‘Fools Gold’ or Rachel Green’s perfect combination of highlights in ‘Friends’ – but these stars are able to spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds on a hairstylist. Take the time to speak to your hairdresser about using different highlight tones and suggest using the lighter colours from the same hair shade family as your own for a more natural style. All you blue, green and hazel eyed honeys – try these out! …But brown eyed girls beware, without a perpetual tan, blonde hair may wash you out.

Cara Delevingne is the ‘it’ girl of the ‘it’ girls; her featuring eyebrows, alternative style and mousy blonde hair is leading the fashion world. This is definitely the top blonde hair shade this 2014 if you plan on joining the bombshell club!


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