If you’re unsure how to sleep with hair extensions, then today's blog is definitely for you! We answer all the burning questions related to this topic such as ‘Can you sleep with clip in hair extensions?’, ‘Can you sleep with wet hair extensions’, and many more. Surprisingly, a lot of damage to our hair can be done in sleep hours without us even knowing, so it's super important to know how to correctly protect your hair during snoozes to avoid any mishaps.

Can You Sleep with Hair Extensions?

You can sleep with hair extensions attached only if they are a permanent variety such as Nanos, I-Tips, Tapes or a Weave. Clip-In hair extensions or temporary Ponytails should always be removed before bedtime because they are not suitable for sleeping as they are not as secure, the movement can cause scalp irritation and tension on the natural hair that could result in hair loss.

How to Sleep Comfortably with Hair Extensions?

Like with anything new, extensions can take some getting used to, especially learning to sleep comfortably with them attached for the first time. The good news is, after a couple of days you pretty much forget they are even there. However, you shouldn’t completely forget them as they need a little more protection during the sleep hours to prevent knots and matting from forming. The best way to protect your tresses while you catch those all-important Z’s is to loosely braid them and fasten the ends with silk scrunchies. This is also a fast track to overnight waves without needing to use any heat! For more heatless styling hacks check out our blog: “How to get heatless curls in 12 easy ways”.

Do's and Don'ts for Sleeping with Hair Extensions


  • Do swap to a silk pillowcase. The gentle texture of silk produces much less friction against the hair and skin reducing knots, tangles and even wrinkles on the skin!
  • Do cover your hair when sleeping. A silk hair bonnet will keep your hair in place while you snooze to prevent your style dropping out or becoming frizzy which saves the amount of heat styling on the extensions.
  • Brush your hair before bed. Sleeping on knotty hair extensions will only make the tangles worse which could eventually turn into matting. This is much harder to detangle, and can be painful and damaging to your own hair.
  • Wear a low ponytail or braid to bed. Gather the hair into a loose, low braid or ponytail while you sleep to stop the hair becoming knotty or frizzy in the night. Braiding the hair overnight will also add heatless soft, mermaid like waves, bonus!


  • Never sleep with wet hair extensions. Depending on the type, this can cause bacteria to grow inside the attachments which can lead to irritation or in worse cases mild scalp infections. Sleeping with wet hair extensions can also cause matting and frizz, as the hair is more fragile when wet this can lead to damage.
  • Never sleep in Clip-In Hair Extensions or Clip-In Ponytails. As they are not as securely attached as permanent extensions, they move around as you do during your sleep, loosening their grip as they go. This puts a lot of tension on the scalp and hair, which can initiate hair breakage. It's also possible for the clip attachments to become matted into the hair so its crucial to remove them before bed.

Can You Sleep With Clip in Extensions?

No. The clip in attachments on these extension types can become tangled into your own hair during sleep if they are not removed. This is caused by movement during the night, as the head rubs against a flat surface (pillow) in different directions the natural hair can become caught around and inside the clips, this can be difficult and uncomfortable to remove and, in some cases, even result in hair loss.

How To Store Clip In Hair Extensions At Night?

To store your Clip-In Hair Extensions while your sleeping there are many things you can do.

  • It's best to store your extensions in a cool, dry place without any direct sunlight or heat, such as inside a draw or wardrobe. All of our full head human hair extensions at Cliphair arrive in handy storage box which is the perfect size to store your clip ins and keep them safe on holiday too!
  • Some people also like to use the sleeping hours to air dry their extensions overnight to save time blow drying them which can take a while. This is also better for the hair as it involves zero heat. To dry overnight, the clip ins can be hung on a hair extensions holder or laid on a clean, dry towel in a dry area away from direct sunlight.
  • It's also a great opportunity to apply a deep conditioning treatment if your extensions are feeling a little dry and dehydrated. After the clip-ins have been washed, apply your mask generously to the extensions from root to tip, they can then be laid on a dry towel to allow the mask to work its magic overnight. Rinse thoroughly in the morning and air dry throughout the day for the best results. Looking for the best deep conditioning hair mask for extensions? Then look no further than our Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture hair mask for extensions. Enriched with Shea butter, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Fig extracts and Honey, this miracle in a tub restores dry, parched hair and Remy extensions alike, breathing new life into your tresses.

    For a perfect washing session for your extensions, use the Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture shampoo (the best shampoo for hair extensions!), 100% sulphate-free and paraben-free. With its abundant lather, it gently cleanses your scalp and hair fibres, whilst its Shea butter infusion helps restore moisture and softness in your tresses. Best when used in combination with our Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture conditioner for hair extensions.

Conclusion: Best Practices for Sleeping with Hair Extensions

To summarise, even during downtime extensions still need some love and protection. Keep permanent options such as nanos, tapes, weaves and i-tips loosely wrapped in a bonnet or in a low braid at night to keep knots and matting at bay. Remove all temporary extensions before sleeping and store them in a cool, dry place away from the sun or excess heat. Once more, you can utilize the nighttime hours by applying an overnight conditioning treatment on your clip-ins or use the time to air dry them.

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