On a scale from 1 to 10 - how in love are you with these Y2K trends coming back? I hope that the number you chose is high, because they’re not going anywhere - if anything, there’s more and more coming back.

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The latest in the 00s fashion being aggressively repurposed is the hair bedazzler, a simple tool that glues gems to your strand to add that extra bling bling to your hair.

Let’s see together how it works and what looks you can recreate with it.

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1. What Is Bling Bling Hair? (back to index)

The bling bling hair is a style many of us millennials have rocked as kids or during our early teenage years throughout the pinkest, most sparkly era ever: the early 00s. As hair tinsel has made its way back from all the forgotten hairstyles and fashion accessories from back in the days, butterfly clips and hair gems followed right after.

Part of the huge deal that bedazzled hair has become in the past season is the success of the HBO TV show Euphoria, where characters like Maddy rocked some Y2K-inspired hairstyles and outfits, soon enough going viral among the fans of the show.

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2. How To Get Blinger Hair Gems? (back to index)

The steps are quite easy, and #hairtok didn’t miss out on this trend. Grab your hair bedazzler device, fill it with the sheet of gems you prefer (they’re usually included, but you can also buy them separately online), place a section of hair under the bottom tab, then click and press. Easy, no? Just like the glamified version of a hole-puncher (growing up sucks).

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3. Where Can I Get A Hair Bedazzler? (back to index)

There are different models on the market, and most of them are available on their official website or amazon. Personally I would recommend going with Blinger, the OG of hair bedazzler.

4. How Do You Get Blinger Out Of Your Hair? (back to index)

This is the 1 million dollar question! Looks so easy to apply and lasts fairly long, so how do you get rid of it? Each rhinestone is made with an adhesive side to it so that it sticks to hair, and happy customers say that the adhesive is strong enough to keep the bling bling in place for hours. To remove them, all you need to do is gently pull off the decals (this is the best option if you didn’t go bananas on them, covering your tresses in sparkles) or comb/brush them off. 

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5. Hair Blinger Hairstyle Ideas (back to index)

You can use your Blinger on both your natural hair and human hair extensions, which means that the world is your oyster when looking to recreate the ultimate Y2K hairstyle.

Here’s a few examples for you to get inspired and serve the perfect look on your next night out!

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6. Conclusion: (back to index)

Channel your inner Y2K diva and enter the Paris Hilton era with hair Blingers. Sparkles and glam that comes from the past to brighten up your present!

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