Black hair has something unique about it: deep and shiny, this shade is not for the faint-hearted. Love it or hate it, black hair is the ultimate touch to a fierce, polished look. So good and uniform it can almost appear synthetic, in a way. How dark do you dare to go? Jet black is the darkest shade of human hair extensions in our range. Before going black, know that it’s an important commitment - this heavily pigmented hair dye, in fact, is the hardest to get rid of in case you change your mind.

1. Jet Black Hair Extensions: Dark, Dark, Dark (back to index)

The fascination with deep, dark tresses is lost in time. Nowadays, black hair is sultry, mysterious, and attractive. It usually belongs to those who are looking to recreate a polished, cutting-edge look. Black hair works wonders in the colder months and is capable of transforming anybody’s look. Many celebrities have tried this shade at least once in their life. And given how compact it looks, it’s also one of the easiest box-dye jobs you could do.

2. Jet Black Hair Extensions: Availability (back to index)

You can now get Jet Black hair extensions within our range of:

  • Nano Rings Hair Extensions
  • Micro Rings Hair Extensions
  • Remy Ryal I-Tips Hair Extensions
  • Tape-In Hair Extensions
  • Remy Clip-In Human Hair Extensions
  • Seamless Clip-In Real Hair Extensions
  • Wrap Around Clip-In Ponytail Hair Piece
  • Clip-In Fringe Hair Piece
  • Quad Weft 
  • Double Weft Full Head Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Ultra Volume Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Double Drawn Weave
  • Curly Hair Extensions

This means that you can play around with this shade on a more permanent level - such as with Nano Rings Hair Extensions and also find a match with a product that allows you to switch things up more often - such as clip-in hair extensions and even a set of clip-in bangs!

But let’s move onto who wears this shade, and how does it look in real life?

3. Jet Black Hair Extensions: Celebrity Colour Match (back to index)

Elegant, clean, rich, and classy, this popular shade makes the perfect hair colour for a real-life rich girl worthy of Gwen Stefani’s song!

Who wore jet-black hair best? Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have sworn by this hair shade before; contemporary pinup diva Dita Von Teese has been black-haired since I have memory of her; more recently, Billie Eilish is the latest celebrity that went for a dark makeover and dyed her hair black.

4. Jet Black Hair Extensions: The Perfect Hairstyles (back to index)

There are many ways that you can wear your hair extensions in, and dark shades in general do work really well with braided hairstyles and waves, for example. Let’s see three hairstyles that will bring your Jet Black hair to life like no one else!

Hollywood Waves

This glamorous hairstyle sees your hair crimped in glossy, soft waves. It’s a beautiful, timeless classic that has been trending in Hollywood and the celebrity showbiz for a long time - hence the name! With this dark, shiny and compact shade of black, Hollywood waves will stand out and give a diva effect that is going to be hard to forget.

Perfect for: square face shape, oval face shape

High Ponytail

Tall, sleek and fierce - the high ponytail sits up on the crown of your head and lays long and smooth on your shoulders. It’s the perfect hairstyle for those that are not afraid of showing off a particular makeup or accessories, such as a big pair of earrings. The clip-in ponytail hair extension is also a versatile hair accessory that you can plait in a fearless braid or wrap up in a boho-chic, messy bun. The world is your oyster!

Perfect for: diamond face shape, heart face shape, oval face shape

Dutch Braids

Usually braids are the perfect hairstyle for lighter shades, or even mixed colours with highlights and lowlights that create texture and movement in your hair. Dutch braids make a versatile, glamorous hairstyle for people with darker tresses as they are naturally standing out on your head thanks to their volume and the braiding technique itself. In order to get the perfect length and volume, you can always add a few clip-in hair extensions applied horizontally, to seamlessly blend in with the plaits.

Perfect for: oval face shape, round face shape

5. Jet Black Hair Extensions: Trends (back to index)

Black hair never dies, and this particularly dark shade is quite easy to pull off. Guaranteed, you will feel (and look) unstoppable. When it comes to trends, it’s hard to know if they’re going to work out well on our hair, especially if we recently changed our hair colour, length and/or style. Luckily, this year’s trends have been quite generous and are seemingly sticking around too.

Glass Hair

Nothing beats the glass hair trend on long, silky, black tresses. Ask Kim Kardashian! I have talked more in detail about this trend and how to achieve it on our previous blog: Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It.

Baby Braids

Think of that iconic Y2K inspired photoset Doja Cat had not too long ago! Baby braids are just one of the many 90s and early 00s hairstyles that have recently made a comeback.

Claw Clip Hairstyles

When it comes to how to put your hair up in a claw clip, hundreds of celebrities have shown the world how easy and cool it is. If you’d like to give it a try.

6. Jet Black Hair Extensions: Who Can Wear It? (back to index)

This is always the one million dollars question: technically, the answer I would love to always give is “everyone can wear whatever they want”. Which is true, to an extent.

Although with some hair colours it’s important to check your skin undertone first, deep black hair doesn’t have any special requirements of the sort. Instead, anyone can enjoy going dark with this shade!

7. Conclusion: (back to index)

Classy, clean, shiny and uniform: what’s not to love about Jet Black hair? If you’re considering dyeing your hair black at home, make sure you take all the necessary precautions or you’re going to end up staining half of your bathroom’s furniture and your own skin as well. What’s next? Create your most stunning looks with jet black human hair extensions!

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