Love it or hate it, Halloween is a huge celebration - and whilst its meaning has been lost and forgotten over time, nowadays it sure is an occasion to reunite with your friends for some good fun. Pumpkin carving by day, and drenching yourself in fake blood by night - October 31st is a special day for everyone to get in their favourite costume and party until the sun comes up. Some others like to stay in for a cozy night of horror flicks and popcorn, and some others are bound to walk the streets of their neighbourhood, taking their kids for trick-or-treat. However you’re going to spend the night of All Hallows’ Eve, make sure you do it in style - wearing the perfect Halloween costume! Let’s have a look at these iconic celebrities to dress up as, and check out their spooky, trendy selection of Samhain outfits.

1. Marilyn Monroe Halloween Costume (back to index)

With the recent release of the controversial Blonde starring Ana de Armas, and Kim Kardashian being the talk of the town once again for damaging Marilyn’s original dress after borrowing it for the Met Gala, Marilyn Monroe’s beauty, grace, and tormented life are once again being slammed on every magazine and social media feed. Marilyn’s iconic style has been chosen on many occasions by other fellow celebrities to replicate. Cindy Crawford’s Marilyn Monroe costume is a cool idea to pay homage to the star. Ideal if scary cosplays are not your thing.

2. Mia Wallace Halloween Costume (back to index)

Perhaps your local Halloween party has a cinema theme, or you’re just looking for a cheap costume idea. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is an iconic look, and surprisingly easy to recreate. If your hair is already the right length, don’t worry about a wig. You don’t need to commit to your scissors to get the perfect blunt bangs - just grab your Cliphair clip-in fringe and off you go. Looking flawlessly natural. A little bit of fake blood to run down your nose will complete the look, and don’t forget the cigarette. Jamie Genevieve and Emily Ratajkowski have both tried this costume idea, initially rocked by actress Uma Thurman on the set of Pulp Fiction.

3. Flapper Girl Halloween Costume (back to index)

In the true spirit of 2022’s Roaring 20s revival, going full-on flapper girl doesn’t seem a bad idea. This iconic look - characterised by curly hairstyles, sparkly headbands, and fringed dresses - is so remarkably glamour that it even managed to inspire Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad. Many other celebrities briefly adopted hairstyles inspired by the glitz and glam of the flapper girls. Looking for some 1920s hairstyle inspiration? Then check out our blog: Roaring 20’s: Celebrity’s Favourites Are Now 1920’s Hairstyles.

4. Maddie And Cassie Halloween Costume (back to index)

Are you looking for some couple costume ideas for you and your bestie? Then look no further than Maddie Perez and Cassie Howard from Euphoria. Get ready for matching costumes and iconic bestie photos, but most importantly don’t get shy when it comes to adding glitter. If you’d like to recreate their looks, you can either opt for a party look, a high-school look, or even a cheerleading uniform. Whatever your choice is, make sure you grab your clip-in hair extensions

5. Catwoman Halloween Costume (back to index)

Both Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora (and many other celebs over time) have been seduced by the intriguing beauty of a latex leotard. Even if you’re not too familiar with this style, you surely have heard the name “Catwoman” before. Directly from the DC Universe, Catwoman is the epitome of the sensual, powerful and independent woman - with a soft spot for Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Kim wore her Catwoman costume together with Kanye dressed as the Bat himself - truth is, there are so many versions of Catwoman that you could go solo, couple up or even form a squad of different Catwomen with your squad.

6. Sandy, Grease Halloween Costume (back to index)

Who doesn’t love Grease? The iconic 70s musical is big on curls and fluffy, bouncy hairstyles. With the sad passing this year of beloved Dame Olivia Newton-John, a Grease-themed Halloween costume is a cool idea to pay tribute to her astonishing performance as Sandy. Gigi Hadid knew how cool this character is way before this sad event and rocked an incredible costume. Ready to go full retro? Check out our guide on how to curl hair extensions and give yourself the 70s blowdry of your dreams to go as Sandy this year to your Halloween party.

7. Cruella De Vil Halloween Costume (back to index)

Emma Stone’s Cruella is a cute costume idea. Before her performance, Iggy Azalea went all extra and dressed up as Cruella De Vil, the iconic, fashionable villain in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Whilst I do not encourage anyone to stress a poor Dalmatian and drag him to a Halloween event, Cruella’s trendy outfits can make you the superstar of the night. You can either get a wig for your Cruella, or you can add ice blonde hair extensions or black hair extensions in contrast with your hair. Make sure your fur is synthetic though…

8. Harley Quinn Halloween Costume (back to index)

Beloved Harley, the Joker’s love interest and icon of what a relationship shouldn’t look like, makes one of the most popular Halloween costumes of all time. Together with Catwoman or Poison Ivy, it’s a great way for you to team up with a couple of friends and make a spectacular entrance as the troubling trio of Gotham City. Or you can convince your other half to pose as the Joker - plenty of options out there. Harley’s big pigtails can be recreated with the aid of wrap-around ponytail hair extensions.

9. Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume (back to index)

If you’re looking for a simple and quick Halloween costume idea, Playboy bunnies make a budget-friendly, last-minute costume perfect for an adults-only Halloween party. Kylie Jenner has been spotted in this racy outfit before, and many others have tried to give this a go - Paris Hilton, to name one. Either way, it’s a great way to save time and money. Just make sure you work out the perfect blow-dry - no Playboy bunny has ever been seen with a messy hairstyle. You can either go for a sleek, extra-long ponytail, or a curly, elegant blowdry. For maximum volume and a luscious finish, make sure to add some clip-in hair extensions to your hairdo.

10. Conclusion: (back to index)

I hope these iconic celebrity costume ideas inspired you to make the most out of your Halloween party this year! It may not be like the iconic celebration launched by Heidi Klum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the rockstar of the party. Grab your brush and curling iron - it’s time to style! And if you're looking to enhance your natural locks to recreate these costumes, why not explore our wide range of clip in or tape in extensions?

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