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 SAG- Space bun

There is nothing more important when it is grey and glum outside than having fun! Whatever makes you happy from cheesy films with the girls to a night out with that special person, do it. When the weather is so rubbish it is time to make your look extra fun to compensate. It isn’t just adding colour that can make your style new either. Spicing up last year’s mini buns, awesome actress Janelle Monáe rocked this year’s SAG awards with this accestorised look. If you are looking for inspiration, look no further ladies! This style is going to be a killer this month.




Get full and crimped

The best part about space buns is that you can mould it to your own style. But going with this year’s in style we are going to go large and crimped or go home. First clip in your extensions but be careful to avoid you centre parting. Next heat those crimpers up! The majority of your hair can be very lightly crimped but the first two inches of hair (four fingers width). Hold the crimpers to your hair for a few more seconds as this section is going to be on show the most.




Two way part

This section is all about separating your hair. Whilst 90’s space buns have been all about the centre parting, this year we are seeing a modern twist with the addition of the deep parted fringe. First divide your hair horizontally about four finger widths away from your hairline. Tie and secure to get this out of the way. Next get your comb and create a centre parting. The key to this look is precision so spend a little time making sure it is dead centre.



Ponies and buns

Now you have parted your hair it is time to get this look’s iconic buns formed. Secure the two halves of our hair into high pigtails and gentle tease them at the roots. Now divide one of your pigtails in half and wrap that half clockwise and pin it in place. This way you have more control over the shape to create a perfect donut look. Repeat with the other half ensuring that you ends and hair pins are not showing. Now that you have one gorgeous space bun repeat on the other side.




Fringe styling and final touches

The main structure of your look is now complete. Now all that is left is to perfect and finish it. Untie your front section of hair and divide it to create a deep part. The trick to this is to leave a few strands loose to frame your face without looking messy. The majority of your hair can be smoothed and pinned at the sides with your acceorised flower pins. If you want to follow in Janelle’s footsteps then cover the parting between your side swept and brushed back partings with a thin metallic headband. To make this looks equally edgy and feminine add some more pins with pale faux flowers and spray to hold. If you can’t buys the flower pins. DIY this look and make them yourself. They make this style show stopping.

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