You know time is passing by faster than you thought when it seems like yesterday you were shaking your butt to the sound of “Pon De Replay” to a 17-years-old Rihanna, and she is now in her 30s and welcoming her first child. Makes you think, huh.

The popstar has slowly built her own empire, putting music production on the side for a while and focusing on her makeup and skincare line, Fenty Beauty, and an inclusive, affordable and crazy hot lingerie company: SavageXFenty.

Whilst working and being a mama keep her extremely busy, Rihanna managed to welcome this new chapter of her life by going back to one of her most iconic looks: bangs!

Let’s explore some of the best Rihanna hairstyles of the past.

1. Lob With Blunt Bangs (back to index)

This hairstyle à la Jessie J looks absolutely stunning on Riri, and it’s easy to see why. With her bold makeup and mesmerising green eyes, a perfectly designer, pitch-black lob with full, thick bangs brings a whole new aesthetic to life. If you’d like to get Rihanna’s bangs, don’t worry: you don’t necessarily need to commit to your scissors (not just yet, at least). You can in fact grab a clip-in fringe, recreate the look you want, and wear it whenever and wherever you’d like. Easy, no? Find your clip-in bangs here.

2. The Retro Blowout (back to index)

Big, 70s fluffy blowouts have been all the rage lately, and one of the biggest influences on #hairtok is, in fact, sporting gorgeous red locks. Is there anything else to add? Grab your round brush and blow-dryer: we're travelling back in time with the retro blowout hairstyle. Before it was a Gen Z trend, however, Rihanna showed the world her personal take on the glamorous big hair look. If you’d like to give it a go, arm yourself with a full head of clip-in hair extensions and have a look at our tutorial: How To Do A Retro Blowout With Hair Extensions.

3. Flipped-out Bob (back to index)

Flipped out hairstyles are coming back! This type of blowout has been an on-and-off trend across the decades, and it’s safe to say - it never really left the scene. For the occasion, Rihanna wore her flipped-out bob in a trendy, coppery shade and picked an incredible piece of head jewellery to top it off. Thinking about painting the town red? Red hairstyles are on the rise lately, and many celebrities in the past have braved this fashion choice. Rihanna but also Zendaya, Amy Adams, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Bella Thorne and Megan Thee Stallion have all gone red at some point in their careers. Explore our range of red hair extensions and find your inspiration!

4. Silky And Sleek (back to index)

It’s no wonder that, when wearing long hair, you can easily play around with different hairstyles and aesthetics, and show off a new look every now and then. A particularly popular trend for long hair is the “glass hair” hairstyle, which sees your tresses wearing an unbreakable coat of shine that makes them reflect natural light as if they were, in fact, made of glass. I have talked about this look more in detail in our dedicated blog: Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It.

5. Black/Pink Mullet (back to index)

We all loved Rihanna’s mullet, let’s be honest - after all, if there was someone able to make this awkward 80s hairstyle cool again it’s exactly her, our bad gal Riri!

Her version of this infamous haircut has been the trailblazer for many mullets that all of a sudden popped up on Instagram and TikTok, subsequently followed by the more low-key wolfcut (a popular option for her younger fans). Rihanna’s mullet featured a few pink highlights - did you know that you, too, can add bright highlights to your haircut without committing to bleach and hair dye? By adding a few real hair extensions of your choice to your natural colour, you can easily create a blend of lowlights, highlights or even add an artsy touch with our funky coloured shades. Explore our range of crazy coloured hair extensions here.

6. Braided Tendrils (back to index)

Often paired with butterfly clips, this hairstyle is going BIG this year - and it probably owes its return to popularity to artists such as Doja Cat and Margot Robbie. Other celebrities that gave it a go? Braided tendrils - also known as baby braids - have been spotted on the Hadid sisters Gigi and Bella, Millie Bobby Brown and Hailey Bieber too. This Y2K trend is quite easy to achieve - but if you’re lacking the right amount of volume and length, then you may want to resort to human hair extensions. Baby braids don’t always need to sit at the edge of your face, but can be implemented anywhere in your mane and can be paired with curls, waves and even crimped hair. The world is your oyster!

7. Braided Pigtails (back to index)

Much like the fierce braided ponytail, this hairstyle sits high and mighty on your head - but with a playful touch. Whoever decided that pigtails were a hairstyle exclusive to childhood must be fuming right now, because they are quickly coming back and guess what - they look amazing on everyone! Fashion knows no age, and if you’d like to give a go to this hairstyle, you can easily play around with a pair of wrap-around ponytail hair extensions to recreate this look. Perfect for a festival, a night out with your friends, or a day at the beach.

8. Curly Pineapple (back to index)

Rihanna’s hair has a naturally curly, corkscrew-like pattern. Hair like hers needs to be treated with a little bit of extra care, as curls naturally struggle in retaining moisture and can easily become dry and/or prone to breakage. Riri knows how to style her natural curls in a fashionable yet protective way - to get the best out of her locks without damaging her tresses. If, like her, you have curly hair too and are on the hunt of protective hairstyles, look no further than our blog: 10 Protective Hairstyles For Curly Hair: 3B To 4C Edition. Happy styling!

9. Iconic Top Knot (back to index)

If you are used to wearing long hair, you will surely be familiar with the top knot. It’s a fairly simple yet effective updo, with an extra kick compared to its boho-chic cousin, the messy bun. You can wear it as it is, tight and high on the top of your head, or pair it with a half-up, half-down hairstyle. I recently spoke about the loaded top knot to Glamour US - check out their article "The Loaded Top Knot Is The Chicest Bob Updo" for further inspiration.

10. Extra-Long, Low Ponytail (back to index)

Kim Kardashian made the low ponytail go viral, and it’s easy to see why: this simple, clean and lowkey hairstyle says a lot without being obnoxiously out there. The low ponytail is the quiet sister of the high ponytail; she doesn’t fiercely show off, but sits in grace on the nape of your neck and runs romantically down your spine. You can spice it up with a little accent braid here and there, or perhaps a piece of hair jewellery. Either way, this look will give an instant stunner effect. Missing some inches in your tresses? You can always resort to an extra long ponytail hair extension. Get your wrap-around ponytail hair extension.

11. Conclusion: (back to index)

Congratulations on your baby Riri, and wish you all the best in the journey of motherhood. Ps… We’d love to know more about a potential new album!

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