What’s the best way to give your hair extensions a deeply conditioning, revitalising, and moisturising treatment? If you’re already a fan of our Quench The Thirst shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions duo, then you’ll love this one. Introducing: our Deep Moisture hair mask for extensions! Let’s get to know this product a little better, breaking down its key ingredients, and all the tips and tricks on how to make the most of it. Ready to #quenchthethirst ?

Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture Hair Mask For Extensions

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Designed to deeply penetrate the hair shaft and take care of your tresses from the inside out, this deep conditioning treatment is crafted with the best ingredients, working wonders on both natural hair and human hair extensions.

Its formula, packed with hydrating oils, salvages dry and parched hair and extensions alike, locking that moisture in your hair cuticles, and bringing back to life brittle tresses – combating frizz, dryness, breakage, and split ends. But what makes it so magical?

The Best Hair Mask For Extensions? We’ve Got It.

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After a year of experimenting and studying how to create the perfect hair mask formula, our team came up with this intensely reviving recipe for parched hair and hair extensions. It really is a miracle in a tub, and customers and hair professionals are already swearing by it. Let’s take a look at its nourishing ingredients!

Avocado Oil

With its deep-conditioning properties, Avocado oil is jam-packed with fatty acids and precious nutrients, restoring hydration levels in your hair fibres and providing great benefits to dry and damaged hair. Last but not least, its vitamins and minerals are powerful allies to help strengthen the hair.

Coconut Oil

Renowned worldwide for its moisturising properties, Coconut Oil simply had to be included in our ingredients’ list. By improving the hair’s elasticity and reducing the hair’s protein loss. A true moisture-lock hero! 

Fig Extract

Rich in antioxidants and natural sugars and acids, Fig extract helps protect hair from environmental stress, improving its overall texture and feeling. This extract softens your tresses and smoothes the cuticles, for improved manageability and a glossy finish.


Mother Nature’s humectant itself, honey! Attracting and retaining moisture, this miracle potion keeps your hair hydrated, enhances its natural luster, and can also soothe irritated or itchy scalp. What’s not to love? 

How To Use A Hair Mask On Hair Extensions

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If you want to make the most of your hair extensions mask, make sure you follow these instructions properly! Whether you’re going to use it to revive dry clip in hair extensions, or breathe new life into your natural hair and professional hair extensions, these easy steps will help you get all the benefits from this deep conditioning treatment.

Step 1: Get Rid Of Any Excess Of Water

After shampooing your hair, use a microfibre towel to absorb any water in excess. Ideally, you’d want your tresses to be only 70% wet (damp), not soaking wet.

Step 2: Distribute The Product Evenly

Focus on your ends and mid-lengths, massaging the mask to help it penetrate deep in the hair shaft. Don’t be afraid to use a generous amount to make sure it covers all of your hair and hair extensions. If you are wearing products such as tape in hair extensions or other permanent types, avoid the roots and the attachments as the oils in the mask could lead to premature slip-offs.

Step 3: Use On Scalp (optional)

If you don’t wear any permanent hair extensions, you can use the leftovers on your hands to condition your scalp. Gently massage the hair mask residues on your scalp by using your fingertips, making sure you’re not scratching your scalp.

Step 4: Wait

Leave the mask on for about 15 to 20 minutes for intense hydration.

Step 5: Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse the product away, making sure there are no product leftovers in your hair. End with a cold water rinse to seal the cuticles and lock all that moisture in!


how to use a hair mask

If you haven’t shopped the hair extensions mask of the century yet, what are you waiting for? Come and explore the Quench The Thirst collection today, and try it in a practical small sachet format before committing to the full-sized jar. Is your hair feeling dry and parched? No problem, we have a solution: #quenchthethirst !

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