Sleek hairstyles have been having a moment since 2022, and they’re here to stay – even with the rise in popularity of big hairdos. If you’d like to try one of these gorgeous, polished and put-together hairstyles don’t fret! With the help of your trusty hair extensions and a bit of practice, you too can achieve smooth, glossy and sophisticated ‘dos that will keep you looking as sharp and glamorous as ever. From shiny ponytails to glossy buns, sleek styles are timeless, versatile, and suit all hair lengths. Whether it’s a special occasion, a business event or just to quench your thirst for elegance, these looks will deliver just the perfect result! Ready to go get styling? Let's delve into some of our favourite sleek hairstyles.

Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles

Sleek ponytail hairstyles are a go-to for many people, and it’s easy to see why! As seen on beauty moguls such as Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa and other celebrities of the sort, a classy satin-finish ponytail sometimes is just what you need. Chic and easy to create, you can make these hairstyles yours by using ponytail hair extensions and achieve new levels of class in just five minutes! 

The High Sleek Ponytail 

High and mighty sitting on the top of your head, this popular hairstyle lifts the face and looks both fierce, energetic, and youthful. For those with thin hair or shorter lengths, hair extensions can be a real game changer, providing the additional volume and length needed to ultimate this style and take it to the next level.

Low Sleek Ponytail 

This particular hairstyle has been seen on many different celebrities, reason why it became so popular. Often paired with a defined middle part, the low sleek pony is classy and tidy, without all the extra vibe that a high ponytail would have instead. Subdued and elegant, this type of hairstyle works wonders for formal occasions.

Sleek Bun Hairstyles

The bun is a timeless classic, being both a popular option for formal events such as weddings and high class parties or an elegant statement hairdo for the clean girl summer. Sleek bun hairstyles are an elegant choice, offering a classic, refined look that can hardly be matched!

Sleek Low Bun

Want to radiate sophistication in a unique way? For the fans of the clean girl aesthetic (if you know, you know – but if you don’t know, you can read more about it here: Less Is More: The Clean Girl Aesthetic Guide) chances are you’ll want to give this hairstyle a go – especially now that the temperatures are rising, and keeping your hair away from your face is a must. For formal occasions such as a wedding, the sleek low bun can be a clever choice to show off a pair of statement earrings. Seamless hair extensions can provide more thickness and length whilst hiding discreetly in your tresses, with their silicone clips laying flat against the scalp.

Sleek Top Knot

Want a sleek updo that exudes fun and character? Look no further than the sleek top knot, a clever way to give air to your neck and put your hair up in an elegant yet youthful way. Who said that a classy and put-together hairdo has to be boring? This high bun adds a modern twist (quite literally) to the traditional sleek bun, maintaining a polished yet playful aura. This duality makes it the perfect hairdo for both big occasions and your nightlife events. 

Sleek Medium-Length Hairstyles

Got those mid-lengths going? If you gave your tresses a big chop last year and are now growing it all out, chances are you hit that unnerving midi length that seems to be good for nothing. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Midi length, typical of trendy hairstyles in the 90s, are very much in vogue this year too. Also, you can always spice your mid-length up with the help of clip in hair extensions. Generally speaking, sleek hairstyles are not exclusive to long hair – ever heard of glass hair for example?

Sleek Lob

A sleek long bob, or lob, gives a modern, trendy look. It's low maintenance but high impact, and all you need to do to achieve this look is use the right hair products and give your tresses the right amount of good old TLC. You can read more about how to achieve the perfect glass hair in our dedicated blog: Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It.

Straight And Tucked

This is a slight variation of the sleek lob, which basically focuses on giving more light to your face by tucking your straight, sleek hair behind your ears. It’s a simple change that can truly impact your appearance by giving it a neat, sophisticated twist!

Half-Up, Half-Down

Who said that half-up hairstyles are exclusive to long-haired people? A good claw clip hairstyle can be just what you need to spice things up in your midi-length mane. Claw clips are very popular especially during the hottest season. Paired with poker-straight, glossy hair, this type of hairstyle will leave everyone speechless.

Sleek Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short sleek hairstyles for women can be incredibly chic and stylish, and if you ever get bored of your shorter length you can always give it a kick with the help of Nano Ring hair extensions, that can be applied even in a tricky hairdo such as the pixie cut. Here are a couple of my personal favourites!

Sleek Pixie Cut 

Looking for a bold, modern look that requires minimum maintenance? The sleek pixie haircut can be achieved by using the same principles applied on other lengths for the glass hair trend. Minimum effort, maximum impact! 

Sleek Bob

A bob with sleek, straight hair is a timeless classic that suits a wide variety of face shapes! You can either give it an extra kick with the help of clip in bangs or why not, just focus on thickness and style. Clip in hair extensions can also be used to add a pop of colour to your bob, for a playful and super-trendy finish.

The Best Sleek Hairstyles

While I have listed some of my personal favourites, the best sleek hairstyles are those that make you feel confident and beautiful! Feel free to experiment with a variety of lengths, colours, and hairdo’s. You may find that whilst a slicked-back ponytail makes you look and feel like a celebrity, the low pony with a middle-part doesn’t quite cut it as much. And whilst glass-like lengths are a total boost of confidence, a tight and satin-finish bun may not match the same energy.

Hair extensions can help anyone achieve their desired sleek look by adding length, thickness, and volume – most importantly, in the case of clip ins, they allow you to try different hairstyles and help you find your style in an effortless way, without committing to a permanent makeover. You can also use them to achieve a balayage effect or create highlights or lowlights without committing to hair dye and without undergoing any bleach job that could damage your hair. 

Pro tip: using a generous dose of Silky Moisture Lock Spray will help you achieve unmatched shine whilst sealing your hair's cuticles for ultimate softness and manageability, locking hydration in your hair and hair extensions.


Sleek hairstyles mean RANGE! Whether you have short hair, Rapunzel-like tresses or a trendy midi-length that you’d like to spice up, these elegant and refined hairstyles will provide you with a range of options to try! Get your hair extensions ready and recreate the looks that so many stars before you have worn.

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