Aaaaah, family! The bond between a mother and her children is the strongest bond known to humanity - and these celebs and their beloved daughters are no exception. To celebrate the approaching of Mother’s Day week, let’s have a look at 5 celeb-moms and their mini-me!

Mother And Daughter: Lisa Bonet & Zoe Kravitz

Well, what a duo! Did you know that 2022’s Catwoman Zoe Kravitz is no less than Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz’s daughter? Lenny’s song Flowers For Zoe is in fact dedicated to her, who was only two years old at the time. Zoe’s mother, Lisa, was one of the most prominent actresses throughout the 80s and 90s. The pair is not only uncannily looking alike, but they are both incredibly talented women in the world of cinema.

Mother And Daughter: Gwyneth Paltrow & Apple Martin

If you’re a seasoned Gwyneth Paltrow fan, you may remember how she appeared on every gossip magazine’s cover in 2004 for her “unusual” baby name: Apple.

Apple Martin, now seventeen, has her mother’s eyes and - as stated by Gwyneth on an Instagram post to celebrate Apple’s birthday - is a cool and inspiring young woman. In 2020, Paltrow jokingly said to her ex-husband and Apple's father, Chris Martin: “I think we got beat for the most controversial baby name” after Elon Musk and Grimes revealed they named their first son X Æ A-12.

Mother And Daughter: Angelina Jolie & The Jolie-Pitt Girls

If you know me, you know I’ve been obsessed with Angelina since an early age - so obviously she had to make it to this list. Although actress, filmmaker and humanitarian Angie has way more than three daughters - she is in fact mother to a total of six children - the appearance of her girls at the Marvel’s Eternals premiere in 2021 marked the beginning of a new era of iconic style for the new generation.

Mother And Daughter: Uma Thurman & Maya Hawke

From starring in Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction to becoming the main character of a Fall Out Boy’s song, I think we can all agree on the fact that Uma Thurman is an icon of cinema. If you, like me, are a huge fan of anything 80s and/or spiced up with synthwave, you have probably devoured all the available seasons of Stranger Things, in which Maya Hawke - that undoubtedly inherited her mother’s beauty - stars in the role of Robin, a queer ice-cream parlor worker and unrequited love interest of Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery.

Mother And Daughter: Jada Pinkett-Smith & Willow Smith

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith have recently broke the internet after going public and opening up about the deepest secrets of their relationship: from infidelity to polygamy, sexual fantasies and more. Jada’s daughter, Willow, used the Red Table Talk to discuss the struggles of fame, body positivity and mental health instead. The artist, after two years since her last release, published an album -  Lately I Feel Everything - in 2021.

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