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How-To Wash Clip In Hair Extensions – Step By Step

How-To Wash Clip In Hair Extensions – Step By Step

So here it is. The complete step-by-step guide to washing your clip in hair extensions. There’s no need for fancy equipment or expensive shampoo – just good technique. Read on to learn more and get ready to care for your clip in extensions like a pro.


How to Wash your Clip In Extensions?

 Step 1: Brush Carefully


Carefully and thoroughly brushing your extensions should always be your number one step before doing any kind of treatment. It smooths your extensions and prevents tangles developing. Top tip – brushing your natural hair before washing works in exactly the same way. Always brush your hair extension before washing it! 

Our detangling hairbrush gently and effectively works through knots and tangles for super-smooth hair in no time!


Step 2 Soak your Extensions Through

Make sure your hair is completely soaked. Be careful that the water is neither too hot nor too cold. Extreme temperatures are very bad for hair – the hot water damages the hair and makes it lose moisture while cold water closes the hair follicles and stops it absorbing moisture. The best water temperature for washing your human hair extensions is lukewarm water.


Step 3: Apply Shampoo



It’s time to lather up! Massage the shampoo into the hair extensions, making sure you are cleaning out all of the product build-up.

You should use an extension-friendly shampoo – look for shampoos that are suphate- and alcohol-free. Sulphates will damage the surface of the hair – ruining the colour and texture of your extensions and alcohol is very drying for your hair. Another top tip is to check out the ingredients list on your shampoo bottle – products with a long list of ingredients won’t necessarily be the best for your extensions – it’s better to use simpler, gentle products.

Cliphair shampoo is super moisturising and deeply cleanses your hair extensions without drying them out.


Step 4: Rinse


Rinse your extensions with plenty of clean lukewarm water and then pat them in a soft towel to soak up the excess water. Doing this will mean your conditioning treatment works better.


Step 5: Conditioner or Mask


Use conditioner every time you wash your clip in extensions – it’s a complete must-have.  Leave the conditioner in the hair for 3-5 minutes for best results. Choose a gentle conditioner that’s suitable for human hair extensions.

Treat your hair to a moisturising mask ever 10-15 washes. If you regularly heat-style your extensions then use a mask more often – after every 7-10 washes.

Top tip! Extensions feeling especially dry? Apply your usual conditioner and then pop the extensions into a shower cap or clean plastic bag – this helps concentrate the conditioner for softer, more strokeable extensions.


Step 6: The Final Rinse


Time for the final rinse – use lots of cool (not icy-cold) water to seal all that lovely moisture from the conditioner into your hair. Rinse thoroughly to make sure your extensions are soft and shiny – excess product that isn’t rinsed away will just look lank – not a good look!


Step 7: Air Dry



Carefully place your extensions into a dry towel and pat away the excess water. Then hang out your clip in extensions to dry naturally.

Always try to air dry your hair extensions, even if you are in a hurry. At the very least, try to get the hair to at least 50% dry before turning to heat. We all know that heat dries hair out more quickly so give your extensions a chance by drying them inside and hanging them out. Now’s a good time to use a moisturising spray or serum on your human hair extensions. We’d recommend the Cliphair silky hair spray, to help control any frizz.


Step 8: Brush, Spray and Heat


Spritz some Cliphair heat protection spray onto your partially airdried hair and get blow drying!

If you’ve completely air dried your hair and it looks a bit frizzy don’t panic. It’s just the humidity in the air around the extensions that makes them look frizzy. Once you’ve brushed and styled your extensions, they’ll be back to perfect in next to no time. Spray some silky spray onto your extensions, brush them through and you’re ready to go!


Step 9: Style It


No explanation needed! Simply enjoy your perfectly washed clip in extensions. Remember to use heat protection spray and always use low heat settings to help keep your hair looking healthy for longer.



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