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How To Use Our Ponytail Extensions

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How to Use Our Ponytail Extension

At ClipHair we can’t get enough of long, beautiful locks, but sometimes we simply don’t fancy having our hair down – wind and lip gloss being two regular contributors as to our reasons why! Ponytails are a fast and simple way to achieve catwalk style – whether you’re working a Chanel-style high pony or channelling the runways at Dior with a classy low number.
And if you’ve ever experimented with a full head of extensions and a ponytail, you’ll know the struggles that some clips can bring – you need to make sure they are at the right angle, and not on show.
However, we have good news, and it’s in the form of a ponytail extension. Simple to maintain, easy to put in, and you don’t have to worry about the aforementioned issues – a hair miracle!

So here’s how to use yours

Step 1. Tie your natural hair into a ponytail. Now is the best time to style it as you like it, so make sure to take your fringe out, add a quiff, or tweak in any other way you feel is necessary.

Step 2. Secure your look. Use a strong hairband and hairspray to make sure your ponytail stays in place.

Step 3. Take your ponytail extension. You’ll see that is has four small comb-like clips attached to it – slide your hairpiece into your hair just above the hairband of your natural ponytail. The extension should now sit perfectly at the join between your hair and your ponytail.

Step 4. You’ll see that your extension has two ribbons on either side – take these and wrap them around your ponytail and back on themselves, then tie in a bow at the top. Make sure you tie them nice and tightly so your ponytail is secure.

Step 5. Now that your hairpiece is fitted, it’s just a matter of blending it into your natural hair. You can do this several ways, but our favourite is to take a piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the ribbon to hide it. You’ll need to have a hair grip handy to fix the end in place. Alternatively, why not hide the ribbon with a quirky scrunchy or metal ponytail ring.

Step 6. Strut your stuff, catwalk girl!

If you’d like to see one of our ponytail extensions in practice, take a look at our video tutorial. The easiest way to achieve a perfect ponytail in just two minutes!

Written By Ula Haris

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