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How to tame those fly aways

How to tame those fly aways
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Flyaways are the most annoying thing that can ruin your hairstyle. In this heat, it feels like flyaways is unavoidable. They are the most noticeable thing in a picture that will mean you either don’t post a gorgeous holiday snap on social media or you spend ages editing it and choosing filters. It is far better to address the problem at its source. Today I want to show you some of the best ways to prevent and get rid of flyaways so you can have picture-perfect hair for the rest of the season. These tips have helped me when I have both curly and straight hair and I hope they help you as well.


Tip number 1: always have hand lotion in your bag

This sounds weird but when you are out and your flyaways are driving you insane, it is the best option. As well as moisturizing your hands a little bit of hand cream can help you add some moisture and weight to your hair. This technique works best on your hair and Cliphair extensions when you have yours have down. Rub your lotion into your hands first before you smooth over your hair. A great ‘on the go’ solution!


Tip number 2: keep your old toothbrush

This might sound really weird but it is so great. Make sure your old toothbrush is clean before you spritz some hairspray on the top of your head. The toothbrush is used as a mini brush to smooth down those little strands that are sticking up and won’t ruin your style. This works the best with half up hairstyles and ponytails. Not every style works well with this tip but it works brilliantly with most up-dos.

Tip number 3: use lip balm

This is another example of what you can use when you are on the go. Lip balm is a little greasier so I would suggest using it a little further down your hair and not directly at your roots. It is really simple, all you have to do is rub a generous amount of lip balm on your fingers and rub it down the length of your hair. This also adds a little shine to your hair which is a welcome benefit to gaining healthy, gorgeous hair. It is also great to use instead of wax, and easier to keep in your purse.


Tip number 4: do a once a week oil treatment.

This is something that I found great for frizz and flyaways. Some crazy strands don’t like to stay with the rest of your hair because they are too dry or corse. I do this about once a month (sometimes more in summer) and I have really noticed the difference. Massage coconut or argan oil into your scalp and through the length of your hair. Leave it on for a couple of hours then wash it out as normal. This will help your hair flow together much better.




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