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How to style the perfect bob


Bobs ranging from cut petite crops to almost mid-length locks have been a major trend this year. They are fun, make your waves look extra big and help you show off your balayage colour tremendously. The A-line cut is by far the most popular cut. I love it because by having your hair a little shorter at the back it helps you when you are adding height and the front stays long and looks thinning for your face. Today I want to share with you my favourite way to style your bob using extensions you have trimmed.


Lift those roots

This style is all about those roots. Get them right and you will have a fabulous style, get them wrong and you have a lacklustre look. This style looks the best on newly washed hair because for the most part the oil on your hair actually adds weight to your roots. Another thing that is super important is to blow dry your hair in an upwards direction to get as much air as possible underneath your hair and encourages your roots to lift slightly. Of course, add your Cliphair extensions in if they aren’t already in so your roots not only look more voluminous but fuller too. If you are really struggling to get your roots to behave try adding some lifting mousse or dry shampoo and scrunching it in with your fingers.


Making waves

Once your roots are the way you want them, it is time to add some shape. Grab your 1.5-inch curling iron. I would say not to take pieces that are too large. You want to aim for 1-inch sections of hair. I star from the nape of my neck when I curl. Personally, I find it easier with thicker hair and it allows me to spend extra time at the end focusing on the face-framing sections. I try to make sure that I keep my curling iron at an upright horizontal angle rather than pulling it down, again this just helps your roots appear more lifted.

It is easy to conceal some teasing here as well. I would recommend lightly teasing your roots if you are going to be out all days and want to keep your look stylish. Add some hairspray then repeat the process on the rest of your hair. Make sure you create your parting before curl near the front so your hair will lie where you want it to.


The finishing touches

Once your curls are all hair-sprayed and cool it is time to transform them into lovely waves. I find that some brushes and combs can be a bit aggressive and actually drag your hair down a little bit too much. I tend to use my fingers to go through my hair and turn my curls into waves. I also flip my hair forward a give it a shake to make it fuller. I like my crown to really have some style so I tease the roots a bit more before I complete my look with some texture spray.


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