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How to Match Your Hair Colour To Your Outfits

how to match your hair and clothing colours

What’s the secret to looking attractive? Firstly, you don’t have to win the genetic lottery to look beautiful. Those stunning celebrities, influencers and general head turners? They all have one thing in common - they understand how to accentuate their features. And with hair being a prominent feature that catches our eye first, your tresses need to be centre-stage, right? But an easy mistake - that many of us make - involves clashing our clothes with our hair colour. The wrong ensembles can make you look dull, washed out and tired –urgh, but get it right and your tresses can go from dismal to WOW with just a few easy tweaks. 

Uncover the art of coordinating your wardrobe with your hair colour, whether you're rocking vibrant extensions or showcasing your natural locks. Transform your overall look with Cliphair's fashion-forward insights.

Brunette to Black Hair Colour

how to match your clothes colour to your hair

(Gizele Oliveira wearing graphic patterns) 

So you have brunette hair? Lucky you! Brown hair colour complements a wide range of hues compared to other shades. Chocolate tresses are both bold and natural-looking, allowing brunettes to experiment with a plethora of striking colours without sticking out like a sore thumb. Alternatively, muted tones look elegant on brunettes without being boring.

Go wild and have fun with acid neons, vibrant saturated shades and jewel tones. Fuchsia, red and turquoise look particularly striking against classy brunette hair colours.
The only shade that can truly handle a strong print, brunettes can take on bold patterns to balance out the rich, dark hues in your hair. Flirt with animal prints, graphic patterns and power florals for added excitement. 

Looking for something more subtle? Neutral shades are your friends too. A simple colour palette of black, grey and white look ultra-sophisticated when teamed with brown hair colour. White, in particular, can be used as a subtle or bold look. An all-white trouser suit or little white dress paired with a dark brown hair colour creates a simple yet striking statement.

 Be sure to also consider the tone of your hair. Warm brunettes flaunting a chestnut brown hair colour are bound to turn heads when sporting olive green, orange-red and deep purple. Cool brunettes with ash brown hair colours look drop-dead gorgeous in chocolate brown, navy blue and charcoal grey.

 What about black hair colour? Raven hair beauties look on fire when dressed up in pillar-box red, cobalt blue or royal purple. But avoid all black, especially if you have pale skin, to avoid looking too morose. Choose a dark brown for a similar, albeit softer, effect.

So… are there any hues this versatile hair colour should avoid? Yes, actually. Stylist and image consultant, George Brescia – author of style-bible Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life, advises against beige to avoid looking washed out. Pastels aren’t great either unless you’re olive-skinned

Blondes – get it right and you’ll nail that iconic blonde bombshell style, get it wrong and you’re in danger of channelling the dreaded tacky blonde look. Don’t worry – Cliphair is here to guide you.

It’s no secret - blonde hair colour is a head-turner. The key is to allow your clothes to step back and let your hair do the talking. Choose tailoring, knitwear and jerseys in gentle tones such as camel, peach, pastels and earth hues. These shades subtly complement golden to ash blonde hair colours without competing for attention with your bonce.

Want to do bold? You still can! Electric blue, emerald green and statement red look amazing against light tresses, but keep the rest of your look toned down to avoid looking OTT. Barely-there makeup and minimal jewellery paired with an up-do will keep the vibe classy. Black can also look ultra iconic – but could be a big no-no if you have pale skin. Substitute for navy for an equally dramatic, yet softer take on the look.  

Love patterns? Sorry blondie, graphic prints aren’t for you. The contrast against your light blonde hair colour and fair skin can be overwhelming. And with a mane as wonderful as yours – why make your clothes compete with it? Alternatively, play with softer prints, such as subtle polka dots and simple Breton stripes, to introduce interest to your look. 

matching clothes colours with your red hair

Redheads are enviably striking – but your red hair colour is a recipe for a clothes-clash disaster. Master the art, however, and BOOM, jaws will drop. 

Let’s start with emerald green. Everyone knows this dazzling jewel tone is a redhead’s best friend. Why? Because it lies on the opposite end of the colour wheel to red – a romantic case of opposites attracting. But did you know cobalt blue and ultra-violet are additional power shades that auburn hair colours can include in their arsenal?

Not all those with a ginger hair colour want to stand out. Earthy tones, such as chocolate brown, khaki green and camel elegantly complement copper and mahogany hair colours. Thought pink was a no-go for ginger hues? Think again. Strawberry blondes shine in gentle pink shades, such as peach, baby pink and light corals – silk blouses in these colours will make you look the bomb. Golden yellows and aqua greens additionally look sensational with this type of red hair colour.  

Pale skin and redheads usually go hand in hand, therefore – you guessed it, black ain’t advised. Follow the colour advice for blonde hair colours and pale skin tones by opting for a classic navy instead. 

best clothing colour to match with platinum or silver hair

(Laura Jade Stone wearing a light blue jumper)

Silver grey hair colours have exploded in the last few years. Whether you’re embracing your natural greys or rocking a cool millennium style, it’s certainly the hair colour du jour. Platinum blondes take note - these colour rules adhere to you too.

Icy shades make silver hair colours pop. Pale blues, sparkling greys, slate blues and cool greys, as well as pastels such as sea-foam green, lavender and violets, gently complement ultra-light hair colours.

For a statement look, platinum hair colours look stunning in vivid red and striking blue shades such as sapphire or electric. A winning combination for those with olive or darker skin tones combined with silver grey and ice blonde hair is black. A little black dress or black tailored suit will ensure your statement white hair truly POPS.

Now you’re clued up on your personal clothing-hair combo, why not elevate your appearance to jaw-dropping status with our Cliphair extensions? From subtle low lights to funky hair colours we have hair extensions to suit all hair colours and styles.

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