If you think that you need to be able to afford flashy designer clothes for any occasion and overpriced skincare brands with minimalistic packaging in order to look classy and polished, think again. You may not have the figures of a millionaire, but you certainly can get the looks of one. How? Well, in this blog we’re going to explore how you too can get that sophisticated globetrotter vibe without having to splash out. Clothing, makeup, and hair are a huge statement, and you can easily switch things up in your routine to look like you’re rubbing elbows with the Kardashians.

1. What Makes A Girl Look Expensive? (back to index)

Nowadays there’s quite a specific standard to looking rich, and it’s mostly inspired by the Instagram It Girl aesthetic. If you too want to be that girl, there are a few steps to take. Let’s explore them together.

2. How Do Rich Girls Get Their Hair? (back to index)

The secret to looking expensive starts from how you present yourself: the first things that will be noticed in your figure are your hair, your makeup, and your clothes. Let’s start with the hair. How do rich girls get their hair? How can you make your hair look expensive? Are certain hairstyles more popular amongst celebrities compared to others? Let’s have a look together.

Find Your Hair Recipe

Not every hair type and scalp condition are the same, and it can take some time to find the right combo for healthy, glossy hair. Take some time researching your hair and how it reacts to the products you try. Gather as many testers as possible and give your tresses the time to respond to the treatment properly.

Learn To Style Your Hair

Nowadays there are many ways to learn how to style your hair at home. With the right hair accessories and a bit of practice, it’s incredibly easy to learn how to give yourself the blow-dry of the century.

Expensive Hairstyles

What are the best hairstyles to look expensive? There are many ways for you to achieve that posh look by wearing the right hairstyles.

  • The Model Off-Duty Bun is a great option to look like you’re always on the go, busy making money. This is a popular and trendy updo, often seen on supermodels as a top airport hairstyle idea – hence the name!
  • The High Ponytail is a super sleek updo that works on many different occasions. You can easily spice it up by turning it into a rope braid, or a messy bun.
  • The 90s Blowout is a trendy comeback, extremely popular. Big hair and volume are still incredibly in, and if you were looking for inspiration, influencers such as Matilda Djerf are an example of the '90s-inspired gorgeous, fluffy mane hairstyle.
  • The Glass Hair trend is extremely popular among wealthy glam people. Pin-straight tresses that reflect the light like nothing else have been spotted on celebrities such as Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter, Kim Kardashian and many more celebs. 

3. What Does Expensive Hair Look Like? (back to index)

First of all, thankfully (we don’t want to all look the same, do we?) There's no fixed rule or “one size fits all” kind of thing for hairstyles and income. The general rule is that healthy, thick hair feels and looks better, but take Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa, for example; they both are wealthy, established musicians, and yet their aesthetics look nothing alike. You have baggy clothes and a shaggy wolfcut on one side, and tight outfits and sleek hairstyles on the other. Certain hairstyles, however, are notorious for being associated with the upper class and therefore are preferred when you want to look expensive.

Choose The Right Hair Colour

Natural colours are preferred when you want to get that classy, polished look - therefore I wouldn’t suggest going for funky shades. A nice mixed shade of blonde, a sultry brunette, or a spicy, natural ginger hair colour can go a long way! Depending on your desired aesthetic and complexion, you can choose from a wide range of natural shades. Once you commit to a hair colour, make sure to keep up with it in terms of hair care and growing out your roots.

Get Regular Trims

Rich hair means clean, healthy hair. Getting regular trims and committing to the occasional hair dusting session means that your hair will always look healthy and on point.

Use Hair Extensions

Celebrities use hair extensions every day. How does Beyonce’s hair look so good when she’s dancing and sweating on stage? How can Jennifer Lopez’s mane stay in place even in hot, humid weather? How does Millie Bobby-Brown go from a bob to waist-long tresses overnight? Hair extensions are a staple beauty product to look and feel always on top of your game - but also to switch things up a little without having to constantly spend money at the salon.

  • Seamless Hair Extensions also known as invisible hair extensions are a great option if you want discreet, high-quality 100% Remy Royale tresses that you can pop on and off on your own, in the comfort of your own home in a matter of minutes. Perfect if you don’t want to commit to permanent hair extensions. Suitable for all hair types, these clip-in hair extensions are particularly indicated for fine-haired individuals who may not be able to sustain the volume of bulkier clip-ins.
  • Ultra Volume Hair Extensions are a best-seller amongst those who would like to achieve great volume and length in a quick and easy manner. They are a type of clip-in hair extensions that focuses on giving you a fuller, thicker mane. Perfect for those looking to recreate big bouncy blowouts and trendy retro hairstyles.
  • Nano Ring Hair Extensions are a long-term investment. The initial expense and application to get them fit is a long, costly process - but their superior quality and the fact that you will need to reposition them only every eight to ten weeks makes them a long-term cheaper option. Nano hair extensions are a highly performing type of permanent hair extensions that looks and moves like natural hair in sync with yours. If your natural hair is more on the thick side, go for micro ring hair extensions instead.
  • Wrap-Around Ponytail is a hair extensions accessory that will make your ponytail look like you’re ready to step on the red carpet. Your regular ponytail will look scarily average compared to the results you can get by wearing a wrap-around human hair ponytail.

4. How To Look Expensive On A Budget (back to index)

Let’s be honest: we all enjoy looking good on a night out or a lunch date, and rightfully so! But in order to look rich you don’t necessarily have to buy expensive products and go out of budget. The options to invest in longer-lasting products, spread the cost, and buy decent (but not obvious) knockoffs are there. And trust me, they work. Thousands of social media stars and micro-influencers are out there, looking like they strut on a runway for a living, promoting small brands and wearing fast fashion instead.

Capsule Wardrobe

The whole concept behind a capsule wardrobe means that you don’t have to own hundreds of different things to look fabulous. Certainly, updating your capsule wardrobe every summer and winter is important if you want to keep up with the most recent trends, but this doesn’t mean throwing money away on monthly shopping. Some classic cuts are a great investment as they are timeless and can be repurposed to create different outfits. Ideally, a capsule wardrobe should contain around 25 to 30 curated, versatile pieces that you can mix and match to obtain a suitable ensemble for any occasion. To name a few:

  • LBD: The Little Black Dress is the holy grail of any wardrobe. A real lifesaver. That thing that you just throw on at the last minute when your pot of outfit ideas is running dry and you can dress up or down with just a couple of accessories, and the right pair of shoes.
  • Jeans: Ever heard of “jeans and a nice top”? Jeans are a staple for any respectable wardrobe. You can pick your favourite cut according to your style, current trends, and the ongoing season of course. 
  • Wool: A cosy, woollen jumper will always be in at any winter event. The cable knit pattern has been around for over a century, so it’s safe to say it will be a stellar piece to feature in your future winter outfits.
  • White Shirt: The white shirt is an incredibly useful piece to have in your capsule wardrobe. Job interviews, formal events, and PTA meetings can all benefit from a white shirt and minimal accessories. 
  • Black Blazer: Another essential for your day-to-day life, a black blazer goes a long way. It can be a casual accessory for an office outfit or an addition to your evening look completed by an elegant pochette.
  • Leggings: Activewear is popular, flattering, and versatile. It can be worn on many occasions other than at the gym: think of it as trendy loungewear for a hangout at home. You can also pair a plain gym set with jewellery and a nice bag for a casual daytime date.

Tailored Clothing

Buying from the high street doesn’t need to look cheap. If your favourite dress happens to be off-the-rack, you can always take it to your local seamstress to make it fit like a glove. Why is this important? Well, good quality clothes will always compliment your figure and make you look as if the pieces you’re wearing were designed and custom-made exclusively for you. This doesn’t need to be done with everything - cheap brands are becoming more and more inclusive and developing different cuts and options for garments such as jeans, for example - but something such as summer dresses and a jumpsuit may need adjustment.

Something simple as replacing the buttons can go a long way too.

Neutral Tones

Nude shades and neutral tones go a long way. When it comes to both clothing and makeup, these colours mark the point in the essence of what is also known as the “clean girl aesthetic”. I’ve talked about this more in detail in our dedicated blog: What Is The Clean Girl Aesthetic And How To Achieve It.

Supermodels and celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Hailey Bieber have all rocked neutral tones like no one else; you can achieve the same high-end vibe with carefully curated monochrome outfits.

Statement Bag

Your handbag should be sturdy, simple, beautiful, and practical. You may need to invest in such a product, but it will pay back - trust me. Websites such as Depop and Vestiaire Collective offer great designer options at small prices.

No-Make-Up Make-Up

Rich people are usually rich for two reasons: they either work super-hard, or they are related to someone that works super-hard. Either way, wealthy celebrities, and socialites are usually quite busy travelling and working, so makeup has to be quick and minimalistic. On top of that, their make-up look doesn’t necessarily need to go too extra with high coverage because of a great skincare regimen. Invest in a good foundation, concealer, and a setting spray; blush, mascara, neutral eyeshadow, lip oil, and one or two shades of lipstick will be more than enough.

Skincare Routine

The one thing where you should invest good money in is your skincare routine. On top of eating well and taking care of your body and mind, making sure your skin gets all the love in the world is essential. Take your time researching good skin health, read reviews, and if necessary speak to a qualified dermatologist to find the correct skincare regimen to follow and get that glow going.

Eat Well

Beauty comes from within, and although I’m sure even the richest woman in the world enjoys a good cheeseburger every now and then, rest assured that you won’t get that hydrated, unbothered, and glowy look by eating fast food every two days. Eating well is the first step to feeling and looking better; your skin, hair, mood, and health will improve drastically the moment you redirect your money from pre-made lunches to deliciously home-crafted meals, choosing the right ingredients of course. Check out my blog: Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair to get an idea of which aisles you should explore to find and implement a few powerful allies in your balanced beauty diet! Looking for some recipe ideas? Then look no further than this read: 10 Tasty Brunch Ideas To Boost Your Hair's Health.

5. Conclusion: (back to index)

These simple steps will be a huge game changer in terms of looking expensive and polished – but remember, your number one power accessory is your confidence and manners. The right hairstyle and outfit will make the rest, of course…

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