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How to Get Long Hair Fast

Fortunately, we’re long past the days when a woman had to have long hair to be considered feminine. You only have to look at gorgeous celebrity starlets like Kate Mara, Kayley Cuoco, and Jennifer Lawrence to see that, sometimes, short can be sexy.

On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like being able to run your fingers through a long, luscious mane of healthy hair. Or, being able to flip it expertly over your shoulder right at the moment your ‘to die for’ crush glances over. So, what does the modern girl go for; the pixie or the long haired temptress?

Well, who said you have to choose? With hair extensions, you can switch between the two as easily as you’d change up your lipstick. Keep reading to find out how.


Picking the Right Hair Extensions

Wearing real hair clip in extensions is so simple that the most complex part of the whole process is picking the perfect colour. And, there is an easy way to do that too, so even first timers can tackle hair extensions with confidence. To make sure that you choose a shade which matches your natural hair colour, compare tones with the mid-to-bottom lengths. You should always avoid making comparisons with the roots of your hair, because this shade is not representative of the all over colour. ClipHair’s free colour matching service is great for finding the right match quickly and easily!

Perfecting the Alignment

Once you’ve picked a colour and a length that suits your natural tresses, use your fingertips to separate the top half of your hair from the bottom. As a guide, the top half should end in a horizontal split, stretching from one temple to the other. Tie or grip the top half securely, but leave the bottom half loose.

Now, open up the slide attachments on your clip in extensions. Align the top of the fastenings with the divide that stretches between your temples. Once positioned, use a gentle amount of pressure to snap the attachments closed. You should be left with extensions expertly laid over the top of your natural hair.


Blending Up a Storm

To finish the job, untie the top section and, with your fingertips, blend the natural hair with the extension hair. You are now ready to style your hair extensions in exactly the same way as you’d style your own. If you’re going to use straightening irons to really emphasise the new length, exercise as much caution as you would normally. ClipHair extensions are every bit as delicate as real hair, as that’s exactly what they are – 100% real hair. If you don’t treat them carefully, they will become damaged. It’s a really good idea to spritz your whole head with a heat protection spray before you introduce styling irons. The same rules apply to curlers, for girls who are keen to embrace their inner bouncy bombshell.

Styling Your Hair for Longevity

Clip in hair extensions can last for months, but they need to be treated with love and care. The best way to keep them looking healthy is to avoid strenuous brushing. If your extensions get tangled, use your fingertips to remove the knots. This causes a lot less damage and you can even take them out to do it, if it makes things easier.

They should also be shampooed regularly because it will make them shine like crazy and blend even more naturally with your own hair. Once again, you can take them out to do this; just lay your extensions out flat in the sink and apply the shampoo directly. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then wash with cold water. Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of product.

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