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How to get a beehive like the legendary Aretha Franklin

Last week there was some extremely sad news that the Legendary Aretha Franklin passed away. If you think don’t recognise her name you will definitely know her songs like Natural Woman and Respect. She was great because of her voice and what her song represents strength, self-worth and confidence. I couldn’t think of a better woman to inspire this blog. Today I are going to share one of Aretha’s most famous look, the beehive. It can be seen as dated but there are a few ways to bring it into 2018 and is a great look to wear at Halloween. Keep reading this step-by-step guide to getting this diva’s look for yourself.


I like this style with clean hair as there will be some teasing involved later. Add a little serum to the ends of your strands so they are smooth and heat protected if you are using heat. Dry your hair and add some texture spray to the low half of your hair. Create a centre parting from your hairline to your crown. Tie the sections in front of your ears out of the way for now and divide the back and crown sections into rows. If you don’t already have your hair extensions in, now is the time to add them. This hair needs the volume to give it that dramatic edge.


Now that your hair is prepared to divide your locks into four sections. The first two sections are the parts that we mentioned earlier, either side of your centre part, in front of your ears. The other sections are at the back of your crown. You are not going to divide the back part vertically to create another parting but horizontally instead. Tie the bottom section and the parts in front of your ears away, it is time to focus on your crown.


Your crown
if you have volumising spray it is time to whip it out (if not I find dry shampoo works well too). Don’t be shy with your application to the roots and if you are using dry shampoo make sure you massage it in with your fingers. Take small sections, approximately an inch wide, and use a comb to backcomb your hair at the roots. Make sure you smooth over the top and move onto the next section. Repeat this all over your crown, yes it will look like a lion’s mane that is how you know you are doing it right. Now gather this section together at the back and tuck the ends of your hair at the back to the right. I wound it around my finger and pinned it in place to keep the volume and the do in place.


Forming your beehive
The rest of your style is relatively easy to create. Untie the bottom part and twist it around your finger like you did the back of the crow section, to create a roll. Pin it in place below the top roll to it looks like they are two big curls. The front sections are not going to be incorporated like they would have been in Aretha’s time but kept loose to give it a modern update. Hairspray your locks and you are done.


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