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Get that look: Cork screw curls

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

This look epitomises 2017 gothic romance. We love how big and wild it is! It is super easy to make these curls look real and you can turn these curls into 1970s neat curls or go fully romantic and back backcomb for texture. We have already seen this incredible trend on runways so now it is time to take it to our high streets! If you love experimenting with your hair or are dying to try versions of the romantic trend style then learning the corkscrew curl is an absolute must to grantee rocking locks.

cliphair-hair-extensions-cork-screw-curls-frizz free

Frizz free

We all know variety is the spice of life and as women we often crave what we don’t have by nature. So if you have straight hair and want a wild, flowing mane you need to prepare you hair so we have more curl and less frizz. Unlike many styles this look works best with clean, towel dried hair. Don’t forget to add a generous amount of hair mousse without alcohol (we don’t need the alcohol to dry out our hair, who wants frizz?!)


Part ways

Now it is time to blow-dry. We want to get as much volume at our roots so lift and scrunch your hair at you hairline for extra oomph. After combing your hair straight add extensions for extra volume. There is no point going for a dramatic style without the oomph! This style looks the best with a centre parting so part grab your come and make this parting dead centre.


Get your curl on

To get the best curls you need to follow this rule: The larger the diameter of the curling iron, the bigger the curls. So if you want small, tight curls go for a thinner or chopstick curling iron. If you don’t use the entire barrel only the smallest section. Divide your hair into small sections of only a few strands and wrap your curling iron. If you have straight hair twist your hair before curling. Repeat until all your mane is all curly and whatever you do don’t brush your hair!


Finishing touches

Zoella and other youtube vloggers often leave the look as is and simply add hairspray but this style can be finished in so many ways. It ha been popular recently to divide your hair horizontally and create a messy topknot with the upper section. Accessories with the romantic trend have been a big hit as well, brass coloured bands in particular look amazing with style, giving it a glamorous historic feel. Our favourite finishing touch is the interwoven braid. A waterfall braid or twist braid looks sensational with these luscious curls. If your are feeling extra girly add a ribbon to the end of your braid, detail that looks amazing and has made headlines in SS17 fashion week. Don’t let Louis Vuitton be the only one setting fashion trends. Grab a brush, hairspray and some accessories and make your own screw curl runway strut!

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