If clip-ins are not your cup of tea, chances are that you’re exploring the fabulous world of permanent hair extensions. But how to choose what’s best for you, and how to keep up with the latest hair extensions technology? Well, our team of experts has cooked something up for you! Introducing: flat tip hair extensions, the pre-bonded strands that can be connected to your natural tresses via a flat keratin tip using a heat connector. Do I have your attention? Let’s find out more about this incredible beauty solution together.

What Are Flat Tip Hair Extensions?

Flat tip hair extensions are a type of permanent hair extensions called “pre-bonded”, and they are part of our Remy Royale collection. The strands, made of 100% Remy human hair, are bound to each other thanks to a keratin melt, and then shaped into their iconic flat tip shape – hence the name. They are applied to natural hair by using a heat connector that softens the keratin bond, making it easy to manipulate. 

The flat tip is then moulded around a small section of natural hair, and usually rolled around the fingertips by the stylist, to achieve an incredibly small and imperceptible bond between natural hair and flat tips hair extensions. This type of extensions is quite popular as it’s low-maintenance: it doesn’t need to be “moved up” as often as other products such as nano ring hair extensions or tape in hair extensions, for example. Each pack comes with a total of 50g of hair extensions, making it easy for hair professionals to work out how many packs they will need for a full-head makeover whilst reducing waste.

What does Remy Royale mean?

Remy Royale is the name we gave to our most luxurious collection. This exclusive double-drawn selection of hair, featuring meticulously chosen high-grade strands, undergoes special treatment from the very beginning of its journey. We ensure our Remy Royale tresses are cuticle-aligned to minimise frizz and reduce tangles, resulting in a healthier, shinier, and easily manageable appearance. Thick from root to tip, this type of hair extensions guarantees a fuller finish and helps better conceal short hair and blunt cuts.

Why are they called flat tips?

Flat tip hair extensions are the new edition of what we used to call “U-tip hair extensions”. Whilst the previous permanent range of this type was characterised by a slight curve, these hair extensions feature a flat attachment that makes it easier to mould around the hair and better conducts heat in order to speed up the application process. They are also commonly known as keratin bond hair extensions, or simply pre bonded hair extensions (although this name could possibly refer to other products too).

How long do flat tips hair extensions last?

The average makeover lasts around 3 months, unlike other permanent options that need to be moved up or re-fitted entirely after 8 to 10 weeks. Flat tip extensions are perfect for those looking to take longer breaks between hair extensions appointments, becoming a cost-effective solution. The stunning double-drawn hair they are made of has an average lifespan that goes from 6 to 12 months when properly taken care of.

Can you reuse flat tip hair extensions?

Yes, you can reuse them. Each strand can be removed by a qualified hair stylist and, given that the hair extensions have been given the proper TLC, they can be reused multiple times. Do not try to remove these hair extensions on your own!

Discovering The Flat Tip Hair Extensions And Their Uses

You can use flat tips hair extensions to make it up for a number of hair issues, achieving the look you always wanted. Let’s see together how!

Discreet Flat Tip Hair Extensions For Short Hair:

You can use this product to give your short hair the royal treatment and achieve long, luscious tresses in one day. Flat tip hair extensions are known for being incredibly versatile and cater a wide audience to add length, volume, and thickness – including shorter hair. They are discreet and hide seamlessly even in trickier hairdos such as buns and ponytails, and they do not have any beads, tabs, or other tools to attach to your hair that might be visible or create bulkiness around the root. It’s as simple as it sounds: your hair, our hair, some heat, and a long-lasting bond. 

More Volume With Keratin Bond Hair Extensions For Thick Hair:

We've all been there – even if you have quite a lot of hair growing on your head, you may experience some of that flat, lifeless tresses moments that can be a real downer. But what if there was a way to revive your mane’s appearance without adding bulkiness around your scalp? Flat tip hair extensions can be used to achieve the look of your dreams in a super discreet way, hiding even in elegant and artsy updo’s such as sleek ponytails and messy buns. In a few words: the pre bonded hair extensions that you will fall in love with! No maintenance for three months, and all the gorgeousness of a super-discreet makeover for an effortlessly natural finish.

The Perfect Pre Bonded Hair Extensions For Thin Hair:

Pre-bonded hair extensions can be used on thin hair to achieve a fuller, more voluminous, and bouncier look. When it comes to finer tresses, we know how difficult it can be to find the right product to achieve more thickness in your mane, that’s why we developed our pre bonded hair extensions to be as versatile as they can and cater to everyone’s needs. Each strand weighs exactly 1 gram, for a lightweight makeover that won’t strain your natural tresses. Coming in super-handy 50g packs, these hair extensions are the perfect solution to add more thickness and bounce exactly where you need it – no bulkiness, no nonsense.

Application Made Easy-Peazy

Cliphair’s keratin bond hair extensions are super easy to apply! First, the section: flat tip hair extensions only require extra-small sections, so that the attachments can stay securely hidden. Then, the flat tip extension strand is positioned under the section; heat is applied, and then the flat tip can get moulded around the natural hair. After this, the stylist usually rolls it together with their fingers to secure it, then proceeds to let it cool down and move to the next section.

Long Lasting Makeover, Champion Of Discretion

How many ways can flat tips hair extensions surprise you? Well, it’s easy! With their incredible camouflage system and lasting around three months before needing to be refit, this reusable, double-drawn, gorgeous type of hair extensions has lots of love to give to your hair. Look after them and they will be able to be reused on multiple salon appointments for a year of good hair days only!


Looking to try out different looks? Keratin bond hair extensions can be the solution for you. They stay hidden in updos and ponytails, they are low maintenance, and perform like nothing else – always delivering an elegant finish with ultimate shine, softness, and manageability.

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