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Festival Hair Tips & Styles

With festival season looming once again, it’s time for every hair-precious gal to begin quaking in her wellies, because festivals mean one thing for us long-locked lovelies: DISASTER!
If you’re anything like us, you’ll be dancing all day and then well into the night… and the only reason that hairbrush is leaving your bag is to form a makeshift microphone when campfire karaoke inevitably breaks out
after perhaps a few too many! But, let us not despair, because the one cardinal rule of festivals is that the messier your hair is, the better you’re channelling the hippie within! We love a boho vibe at ClipHair so we’ve
put together some of our top tips and best styles for tackling greasy roots, knotty locks, and less-than-fresh tresses.

All Praise the Plait!

In near-death situations (of the hair variety), when your poor neglected locks just can’t take any more mistreatment, it is time to fully embrace the power of the plait. Plaits can be worn in a variety of ways and
are perfect for disguising a whole range of sins, so you can tailor them to your particular problem. They’re so easy to do, look fantastic messy, and add a little interest to your style – in fact, now that we think about it,
they might be our out-and-out favourite go-to do.

Plait Pony

Looking for an eye-catching style but can’t quite find the energy – or the plug sockets – to get super creative? Fields aren’t renowned for their hairdressing facilities, so making a look that leaves people oohing is pretty
difficult. This cute ponytail look, however, is so easily achieved just by plaiting the front and pulling back, then looping around your hair tie. Whether you’re thinking big plaits, small plaits, French plaits… any kind of plaits
now that think of it, this look is quirky, cool, and so easy.

cute braid ponytail look
you can view this image here

The All-Over Look

One of the problems with festival hair is the loss of shape throughout the weekend, whether that’s through lack of volume, an excess of grease, or just the absence of all of our necessary grooming tools. This ultra-cute hairstyle is such a clever way of creating shape in your hair – varying sized plaits strewn throughout your locks will create a look that’s relaxed, fun, and oh-so festival! The added extra with this style is that when you take the plaits out, you’ll have increased volume and interest with lots of crimped sections.

look with plaits out
you can view this image here

Plait it Back

When all else fails, sometimes the best option is just to get your hair up and out of your face, and away from any more harm! What better way than with this adorable double-wrap plait! Simply tie your hair in two pigtail plaits, wrap, and pin. Easy! Mess is welcomed with this look, so don’t be concerned about being neat.

double-wrap plait
you can view this image here

Forget The Fringe!

Come on now ladies, it’s a festival, not the red carpet – we don’t need to be preened and pruned to look hot! With a distinct lack of shampoo, conditioner, blow dryer, straighteners, barrel brush, and all other manner of essentials, hope for your fringe has been well and truly lost! Grease is not ever a good look, even in the part-time hippie community that collects once a year to sing along to Kasabian, so those bangs have, unfortunately, got to go. There are plenty of ways to get your hair off your face, and all of these suggestions look absolutely fab.

Um, Plait it?!

Yep, our beloved plait again! Do as Kaley Cuoco does and messily French it along the front, pin at the side, and you have yourself an uber-chic look that combats grease and looks better and better as the day goes on.

uber-chic look
you can view this image here

Pull it Back

Nobody does that relaxed, boho look like the Olsen sisters, and whenever we’re stuck for ideas we turn immediately to our favourite style duo. As always, Mary Kate nails the festival hair with this half-up half-down do, which successfully disguises not only a greasy front, but any knots and tangles that have developed over the course of your camping experience.

Olsen relaxed, boho look
Olsen relaxed, boho look
you can view these images here and here

Keep it Simple

When you’re looking to get your fringe off your face, there’s no shame in taking the easy option – and buns are so now! The trick to achieving great festival hair is to make it look like you haven’t even tried, so an edgy top knot works wonders for hiding imperfections and rocking the effortless look.

edgy top knot
you can view this image here
Flower Power
flower power in your hair
flower power in your hair
you can view these images here and here
Well, it wouldn’t be a festival hair post without our staple festival solution – just pop some flowers in your hair! Perfect for covering a multitude of misgivings, a bright and beautiful floral hair arrangement will distract, cover, and look totally on-trend. If flowers simply aren’t your thing, don’t be shy to try out headbands, turbans, or any other means of hiding roots and rough bits!
you can view these images here and here

Pack Smart

Be clever when it comes to packing bits and bobs for managing festival hair. Do not, under any circumstances, forget your dry shampoo – this will be your one saving grace over the weekend. If your hair lacks lustre and you’re trying to create volume and shape in seconds, salt spray is the best way to get that messy look fast. Hair mist is also a great thing to bring along, because the smell of spilled drinks emanating from your tresses doesn’t bode well for your chances of making festival friends! You can also pack accessories like headbands, hair bands, hair pins and other little essentials for getting creative in unhelpful spaces! Knowing what styles will save your street (or field?) cred is all well and good, but you need to have the equipment necessary for the job.

And don’t forget – have lots of fun! Nothing tops off your look like a smile, so be sure to enjoy yourself. We’ll see you down the front!

Written By Ula Haris

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