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Dos and don’ts of hair extension care

From clip ins to tape ins we love our hair extensions! They are amazing at turning a look from drab to fab in no time and if you are like me you feel like a movie star with them in. We here do’s and don’ts in so many aspects of our lives: relationships, work and fashion but we don’t seem to have so many clear guidelines when it comes to extension hair care. Until now. There are some tried and tested routines and habits that I have looked at to do with your extensions so you know which ones are keepers and which ones need to be dumped ASAP, let’s check out your hair care dos and don’ts.




Extension hair care do’s


Do go gentle

This is a must do, go gentl! hair extensions are just like our hair if you are too rough with them. A set of good quality hair extensions shouldn’t be too weak but like everything, it will last so much longer and remain sleek and lovely if you aren’t heavy handed. What am I referring to? Brushing of course! Going soft and slow is the way to go. If you think your ordinary brush is too harsh or you have never taken care of extensions, make sure that you get an extension brush to be on the safe side.


Do deep treat your extensions

This is particularly important as we go into the colder months as our hair can get dried out easier and we are more likely to use heat styling. I would suggest a hair mask at least once a week to be on the safe side and getting yourself some amazing hair serum. This job doesn’t need to feel too much like a chore though, it is a great excuse to give yourself a head massage (or beg a friend to do it for you). There is no better way to keep your hair healthy from root to tip than by having a massage and a mask.




Extension Hair care don’ts


Don’t go to bed with your hair extensions wet

Ok, this is more for woven in or tape in hair extensions if you wear clip in hair extension you should never wear them to bed. But for the others why not wet? When your hair and extensions are wet or damp they are way more likely to mat or get tangled in your sleep. If you have done this before don’t worry we all have, just let my hindsight be your foresight.


Don’t forget to book your hair maintenance appointment

Have you ever gone a whole year without going to the hairdressers? No. I didn’t think so; we need the professionals to keep our extensions in working order. We can do the odd trim and styling ourselves of course but the big things need the pros. Application for most styles of hair extensions need a trusted hairdresser but so too does dying hair extensions, particularly if you are dying them a lighter colour. When in doubt call a pro.

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