Red hair comes in a lot of different shades, and sometimes even natural redheads can get confused when it comes to identifying a red shade. Some people live their whole life convinced they are particularly warm brunettes, just to find out that they do count as dark auburn redheads; and, perhaps confused by the name, a lot of strawberry blonde-haired beauties think they play for the blondes team instead of the ginger hair team. Not to mention how difficult it can be for people who are not naturally red when they decide and explore ginger hair shades as a potential option for a new hairstyle. Whether you're blessed with natural red locks or simply keeping your options open whilst exploring the world of hair extensions, today’s guide will help you understand the various types of ginger hair and how to choose extensions that beautifully complement each unique shade.

The Gorgeous Spectrum of Ginger Hair Colours

Let’s dive in and meet the shades!

Strawberry Blonde: mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the lightest of them all? This gorgeous natural ginger shade is so fair that it often gets confused as a “bronzed” blonde shade. And I get it – even the name suggests it, but in fact, Strawberry Blondes are redheads! Sported by celebrities such as Sydney Sweeney and Bella Thorne, this shade is characterised by a soft, blush-tinted appearance.

Copper: finding naturally copper hair out in the world isn’t impossible, but to be honest it’s pretty rare. This warm and rich shade is the most classic and stereotypical shade of ginger hair that one could think of, boasting vibrant tones that naturally stand out from the crowd. An example would probably be Jessica Chastain and her bright copper tresses.

Auburn: Deeper and more intense than copper, auburn hair is characterised by a more muted appearance, no matter the level of lightness or darkness. You can have deep, dark auburn shades that are more similar to brown than copper, and lighter auburn hues that come close to the previous shade with less intensity. Emma Stone is a classic dark auburn-haired beauty!

Mahogany: mahogany is a deep, dark artificial shade that flurries the tones of red and purple and comes quite close to darker brunette hues. The intensity and vibrancy of this colour can be decided with your hair stylist – muting it for a subtle, low-key red vibe, or turning the brightness up for an edgier, editorial finish.

Cinnamon: inspired by the most popular spice of Autumn and Winter, cinnamon red usually tends to be a mix between a reddish-brown base and brighter, warm highlights – sometimes including the tones of strawberry blonde, or even copper. This type of red highlighted look also makes a great balayage combination for sun-kissed redheads looking for a summer glow up. 

Wine Red: on the darker side of things, wine red tends to be a warmer and slightly more intense cousin of mahogany. Getting rid of any purple and violet tones, this shade is all about that candied cherries finish, for a sophisticated yet edgy result. Universally flattering, this shade can be experimented with by individuals with any skin undertone.

Bright Red: make room for the absolute showstopper, aka: bright red. This colour is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and if you tend to avoid drawing attention to yourself when walking into a room, perhaps this isn’t the right shade for you. Bright, vibrant, and intense – this hair colour has an editorial, cutting-edge type of feeling to it. And it will also require quite a bit of maintenance, too.

Choosing the Right Hair Extensions for Your Ginger Hair:

Now that I’ve broken down the major categories of red – natural or artificial – for you, it’s time to find the right human hair extensions to match them. Cliphair takes pride in boasting the largest collection of red shades in Europe (perhaps even in the world?) with a total of 10 red shades (designed to satisfy both natural ginger hair extensions lovers and dyed redheads). 

Come and explore our range and find your perfect match among shades such as Strawberry Blonde, Flaming Ginger, Autumn Spice, Cinnamon Swirl, Dark Auburn, Bright Red, and many others! 

Not sure about how to pull off red hair? Check out our guides, for example: How To Go From Brown To Auburn.

Styling Tips for Ginger Hair and Extensions:

Once you've found the perfect Remy hair extensions to match your ginger hair, it's time to explore various styling ideas:

Waves: one of my favourite hairstyles on a redhead is a set of gorgeously crafted Hollywood waves. And whilst I get it, that type of hairdo is quite difficult to recreate (and also quite extra, unless you’re going to some elegant event), there are many other types of waves you can easily make yours in the comfort of your home, boosting the volume and thickness with a set of clip in hair extensions. One example? Mermaid waves!

Sleek: this look was everywhere last year, and even celebrities all gave it a go at least once – including Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian, to name two. Sleek, shiny, poker-straight tresses are a simple look capable of delivering unmatched elegance and class, immediately making you appear more polished and put-together. Use a straightener for a smooth finish, and a spritz of Moisture Lock Silky Spray to get that shiny diamond-like look.

Braided: braided hairstyles such as a thick fishtail, a set of double Dutch braids, a romantic French plait at the back of your head or a fierce rope braid can transform your look in a matter of minutes, immediately elevating your style. Products such as seamless hair extensions can be fitted horizontally and implemented in your Dutch braids to pump up volume and length in your natural hair; all of this whilst remaining discreet, laying flat against the scalp thanks to their silicone seam.

Updo: a chic messy bun or a romantic chignon can be real game changers in your style, or even – why not? A timeless classic like the ponytail! Using ponytail hair extensions can be the key to achieve a new hairstyle in less than five minutes, in the comfort of your own home. This type of hair extensions can be curled, braided, and crimped however you’d like to match your every mood and compliment any outfit!


Finding the right shade of ginger hair and extensions can be quite the challenge, but hopefully I’ve cleared things up a little with today’s guide. Take a look at our collection of red hair extensions to step up your hair game and give your mane some extra “oomph” factor with increased volume, added thickness, and perhaps even some extra inches of length.

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