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How To Get Charlotte Crosby Hair Extensions

Charlotte Crosby Hair Extensions

As the loud mouthed star of reality show Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crosby has come a long way in a short space of time. A few years ago, she was getting a reputation for being ‘the gobby one,’ but after an extremely successful stint on Celebrity Big Brother, and a bit more time to hone her personal style, Charlotte Crosby has emerged as one of the most interesting, funny, and engaging stars currently stomping the British red carpets.

The reality show vixen has become synonymous with her love for hair extensions

We have put together a few of our favourite hair looks from this effervescent telly babe, and added a few tips on how you can steal them for yourself.

The Wild One

charlotte crosby hair extensionsIn the early days of fame, Charlotte quickly garnered a reputation for being rather wild. The numerous paparazzi shots of her falling out of nightclubs did nothing to dispel the rumours, and the ‘wild child’ of Geordie Shore was born. Here at ClipHair, we reckon everybody has a few embarrassing moments in their twenties, with television stars being no exception. At least her hair always looked fabulous, with delicate blonde hair extensions highlights and a glamorous bouncy set of curls and waves.

The Barbie Girl

charlotte crosby hair extensions

The length has always been top priority for Charlotte, and this is why she is such a big fan of hair extensions. The best thing is that they never end up looking fake or unnatural, which is something that even many of the biggest Hollywood stars on the planet cannot get right all the time; we’re looking at you Britney Spears! As her fame increased, Charlotte upped the glamour factor, dyed her hair a shade of Barbie blonde, and added long extension pieces.

The Chestnut Princess

charlotte crosby hair extensionsAt the Teen Awards, in 2013, Charlotte swapped her blonde tresses for even longer brunette ones. As far as we can tell, this is the longest the Geordie Shore star has had her hair, and it looks extremely glamorous and elegant, especially in such a rich chocolate shade. If you want to steal this style, but you have fairly short natural hair, just pick up a clip in extension piece from Clip Hair. The question is, dare you go as long as Charlotte did?

The Ombre Queen

A year later and Charlotte has switched up her tresses yet again, this time adding a gorgeous ombre finish to the ends. This is actually a very easy style to replicate, and you don’t even have to commit to a potentially risky dye job. There are plenty of specially designed ombre extensions and clip in highlights available at Clip Hair, in a variety of different colours, lengths, and styles. We think that this might be her loveliest look, because it suits the healthy tan she always has going, and gives all that length something interesting to work with.

The Something New

charlotte crosby hair extensionsOver the past few years, there has been a real change in Charlotte Crosby. In fact, she is barely recognisable these days. The star has shed a lot weight recently, having released a hugely successful fitness DVD, and looks healthier than ever before. Fortunately, her hair is looking just as good, even if it’s not quite as long as it once was. Whilst taking a much needed break from all those hair extensions, Charlotte is looking lovely with a cute little bob. She even posted a snap on her Instagram account, titled simply ‘Little Hair.’

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