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Binky Felstead Hair Extensions

binky festead
Authored By Ben Jackson

Binky Felstead is one of the glamorous stars of the Made in Chelsea and, recently revealed she had been wearing hair extensions since the age of 21. While the reality TV star is giving hair extensions a break, we look at some of our fav Binky hair extensions styles on the screen.

The Brigitte Bardot

binky hair extensions hairstyles

What a killer style this modern beehive makes. It isn’t quite as structured as classic beehive ‘dos, but it still has that swinging sixties vibe. Combine a good wash and a blow dry with your hair extensions to create lots of healthy, vital body for this one. Your hair should be lift and light, but with enough volume not to fall flat after it dries. This style makes it easy to hide the seams on clip extensions, particularly if you let the bottom of your beehive cover the join. As the height is lower back here, nestling a hair doughnut underneath us one way to maintain it.

The Return of the Crimp

Binky  Hair Extensions Made in Chelsea

We talked about the rise of the crimped style before. Which made a big return in 2016, both on the high street and on the catwalks. The star was certainly a fan, as she was sporting a gorgeous crimped look in many of her Instagram photos in September that year. She often opted for a subtle, gentle version; only a loose crimp throughout the hair, rather than a full on kink-athon. It gives the tresses a very fresh and funky vibe, which is deal for wear throughout the winter. Crimping works equally well for longer hair and shoulder bob styles.

The Beach Bun

Binky Felstead Hair Extensions
Binky does beach glam pretty well too, as evidenced by this snapshot of her rocking a super cute bun and long bangs combo. This one couldn’t be easier to steal; all you need is a neat, low bun and two long strands for framing your face. Add a little styling balm to keep them neat too.

The Pretty as Pie Binky Hair Extensions

Binky Hair Extensions

It should come as no surprise to find that Binky's hair extensions appeared in various styles and textured. Her own hair is fairly long, but the addition of hair extensions gave her a more glamorous range of styles to play with. They can enhance your look too, by boosting the overall volume and body of your tresses, as well as just the length. If you’ve never tried hair pieces before, the best place to start is with clip in products, as they are extremely easy to attach and wear. You just line them up, clip, and then go. It really is that simple. Plus, they come in a huge variety of colours, lengths, and styles.

Do you think Binky's hair extensions suited her? Let us know, and don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your  hairstyles on #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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