Ah, to be a top model, social media sensation, and a style icon. Not to mention acting and lots of philanthropy. This (and much more) is the life of Bella Hadid, the main character of our weekly celebrity lookbook. Why?

Well, not only she is mesmerising and fabulous on a runway - Bella knows how to slay a look everywhere, even when enjoying some off-duty time or in the comfort of her own home. And since she recently made the world talk about her once again after showing off the latest UGG boots and miles-long legs, I’ve decided to put my two cents on this and mention her gorgeous, creative, and viral hairstyles. Ready?

1. Double Braids (back to index)

Bella’s signature look seems to be anything that involves a super-tight, slicked-back look. When paired with extra long plaits, however, you know there’s no going wrong. Celebrities seem to love these extra-long looks - think of Kim Kardashian’s mega braid - and why would a queen such as Bella not have her say on this look? Absolutely stunning.

2. The Spiky Bun (back to index)

This is one of the looks that Bella made effortlessly famous, and we have talked more in detail about it here: How To Do A Spiky Bun, The Retro Glam Updo Of The Stars.
Some call it the “model-off-duty” hairstyle, although it has been rocked on official occasions more than once. Just have a look at this Mugler commercial, where Bella wears her iconic spiky bun whilst doing cartwheels.

3. Wispy Bangs (back to index)

Love them or hate them, bangs are in. Certain people can’t live without them (or are too scared of growing them out), and it’s one of the most radical hair changes one could go for (perhaps second only to the buzzcut!). Bella’s bangs have always been full and wispy, for a playful finish without missing out on that femme fatale effect. If you don’t feel like committing to a haircut, click here to get your clip-in bangs.

4. The Retro Ponytail (back to index)

Another Bella Hadid classic - the retro ponytail. Inspired by the romantic, youthful looks of the nineties and the playful, bouncy hairstyles of the early 00s, this look went absolutely viral - so much that many other celebrities copied it and it ended up flooding Instagram feeds and TikTok top posts. Fairly easy to recreate and perfect for many occasions, the retro ponytail is a certified stunner. If you lack the necessary length or volume to get a plump, bouncy ponytail, then check out our range of clip-in ponytail hair extensions.

5. Mermaid Waves (back to index)

Useless to say, people went bananas after seeing this look on Bella’s Instagram. Mermaid waves have been a summer must, and it’s easy to see why. Runways, holiday photos, and even TV shows have been touched by the magic of this crimpy hairstyle. If you’d like to make it yours, grab your Remy hair extensions and check out our mermaid waves tutorial blog post.

6. Cherry Red Hair (back to index)

Red hair is on the rise - someone declared that copper is the shade of the season, and now more and more people are after a touch of red in their mane. If you’re thinking of going red, rest assured we have a whole range of shades for you (you didn’t think we would leave you alone on this journey, right?).
Bella’s red hair is bright, vivid, and metallic - rebellious just like her usual style. A true classic.

Shop our Red Hair Extensions Collection.

7. Copper Money Piece (back to index)

The Money Piece hairstyle has rocked throughout the years of 2021 and 2022, and although it’s now a little more low-key, I can guarantee you it’s still going strong. One of the original Money Piece hairstyles of history has to be the one worn by Spice Girls’ very own Geri Haliwell in the 90s, to which Bella's look is clearly inspired (minus the elf ears)!

8. The Classic Bob (back to index)

Parted in the middle, cheekbone grazing, silky and natural. This is Bella’s choice for a bob to spice things up on the runway. Romantic and vaguely retro, how does one not fall in love with such a hairstyle? Bobs, lobs, and flapper girl hairstyles have made a huge comeback in the past few years. Thinking of cutting your hair short? You can read more about celebrities’ short hairstyles on our blog: Roaring 20’S: Celebrity’s Favourites Are Now 1920’S Hairstyles.

9. The High Ponytail (back to index)

This is a “clean girl supremacy” hairstyle: minimal, slicked back, goes with everything. A high ponytail can be the perfect look for work, school, a date, brunch with that friend you never see, or a night out with your usual suspects. You name it. If you’d like to add an extra kick to your regular ponytail, check out our range of wrap-around clip-in ponytails.

10. Headscarf Extravaganza (back to index)

Headscarves are cool! Headscarves protect your scalp from nasty UV rays! Headscarves hide roots that need a touch-up, and last but not least: headscarves hide greasy hair if you slacked out on your washing routine. Whoop-whoop for headscarves! Well known as a summer trend, headscarves can be adapted and worn all year round. They could be the hair accessory that makes you stand out with a bit of quirkiness. A must-try!

11. Conclusion: (back to index)

Bella Hadid is the queen of changing hairstyles, and if you follow her social media you surely are aware of this already. But you don’t need to be her to give yourself a little makeover every now and then! Stay tuned for new hair inspiration next week.

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