Ever wondered what happens behind closed curtains when we work on our amazing campaigns? If you answered "yes", then let me guide you through what a campaign day at Cliphair looks like...

It’s a cold and grey morning of spring in London. For many commuters, squeezed in overloaded carriages on the Victoria line, this is just a day like any other London working day: hop on a train, be careful not to spill your extra-hot coffee on the go, elbow your way out of the station. And to be honest, this is exactly how it started for my colleague Sev - left in the middle of one of London’s biggest train stations, waiting for me. Our destination: Wimbledon. Our mission: Cliphair’s wedding campaign’s photo shooting!


We reach the studio in a sprint, arms linked up and hair swept away by the wind; Laura, mastermind behind our bridal campaign, welcomes us in a puffer jacket and a fierce, braided high ponytail. Brief exchange of comments about the weather and how hard the entrance was to find, then she leads the way to the main room.

Inside, the studio is a triumph of neutral tones, the only exception being an explosion of flowers on a baby pink background. Hazel, the photographer, greets us with a smile; we’re handed a polaroid camera and a DSLR to take a few backstage snaps and videos, and off we go.

We have three models for the day: Livia, Rihanna, and Georgia. They all have different hair types and colours - making them the perfect trio for our bridal shooting. With the aid of our salon experts Abbey and Lynn and skimming through lots of Instagram celebrity wedding inspiration, our Queen of Social Media Laura selected the looks for the day: half-up half-down, updo, hair down, braid, and a gorgeous ponytail.


In no time, our models are welcomed to the backstage area to get ready for their make-up session; Leanne, our MUA for the day, is ready with a roster of products to (quite literally) make our brides blush. The air is fizzy and everyone is running in circles: check allergies, buy lunch, grab coffees, take backstage photos, steam dresses, fix a tendril that simply won’t stay there. It’s a day of fun, sisterhood, and hard work for our team and the fabulous women who collaborated with us to make this special event happen!


Once Leanne is done with makeup, it’s Boe and Rebecca’s time to shine - with the aid of a brush and curling iron of course. For the occasion, we paired Livia, Rihanna, and Georgia with our gorgeous clip-in hair extensions in the respective matching shades. The results? Incomparable, natural volume and extended length - impossible to tell apart from their natural locks! You may think this is an advertisement, but I can promise you, I heard the words “I don’t wanna go back to my normal hair anymore” with my own ears (and well, yeah, I may be a little biassed)!


Hazel is our go-to photographer. Her talent behind a camera is unmeasurable, and Laura, Abbey, and Lynn gather around Hazel’s computer to check out the previews. A set of magnificent accessories is lined up for the models to wear: and the girls come and go from the set like it’s a runway. But it wouldn’t be a campaign without Social Media content, which we entrusted to Sev - the youngest member of our team. Oozing with energy and enthusiasm, she delivered a small series of brilliant bridal TikToks - a new take on showing our content to the world!


Break time with sandwiches and fruit juice, and off we go again: time for some group photos to finish our day!

This is where raw talent comes to the surface - these gals really smashed it, hitting poses every second for pure camera delight.


As a team, we put together the best shots to rebrand our website, social media content, blog posts, and more for a special occasion. This campaign marks the beginning of “wedding season” - a time in which we celebrate long-lasting love, family, life, and much more - for example, you can also check this blog where we talked about pre-wedding stress!

Not only hair extensions but tons of inspo for our customers - whether you’re going to celebrate your friend tying the knot as a lovely bridesmaid or going to be the blushing bride yourself.

Thank you for reading our blog! We hope you enjoyed this article – if you liked what you’ve read, share this with your friends and follow us on our Social Media channels to keep up with the latest trends, tips, guides, and more!

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