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6 Ways to Use Hair Extensions for the Perfect Style

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

So, the Brexit has the entire country up in arms about the future of, well, everything. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to dance your troubles away and forget that the word ‘referendum’ ever existed. We’re officially in the middle of summer, so rooftop parties, barbeques, and garden get togethers are in abundance. However, if you’re going to turn heads at your next big bash, you need a showstopper of a hairdo.

We have go the answer, because clip in hair extensions are hugely popular right now. After scores of famous ladies – like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Rihanna – went for short, dramatic cuts, forward thinking fashionistas followed suit. Now, they’re realising that, even though pixie cuts and bobs are pretty great, it’s nice to be able to switch things up a bit. Luckily, hair extensions offer a simple and easy way to do this!

The Big Ballerina Bun

This gorgeous style can be achieved with clip in hair extensions, because it rewards body and volume. It’s also pretty easy to put together, if you can get a handle on the tricky tucking in bits. Once your extensions are secure, pull all of your hair into a ponytail that sits right at the top of your head (it should be really high). Backcomb the ends until they’re nice and fluffy. Then, in sections, curl them into a circular shape, with the ends secured at the stem of the ponytail; secure tightly with slides or grips. Alternatively, you can also get this style using a ponytail hair extension.

The Fresh and Ferocious Fishtail

The fishtail is one of our all-time favourite hairstyles, so we can’t help but include it here. It can be incorporated in so many different ways. There’s the double fishtail, the half up half down fishtail, and the upside fishtail. For a super easy style though, take a small section of hair from one side of your head and create a long, but thin, braid. For extra boho appeal, you can even add beads or a quirky ribbon.

The Revamped Pony

Nothing beats a classic ponytail for elegance and simplicity. However, it can feel a little basic at times, so why not jazz up the style by adding a ‘half up, half down’ vibe? You can use your clip in extensions to either create a dainty pony just above your clip in hair pieces or you can twist your pony into a messy knot or bun. Just loop the hair halfway through the tie for a sort of bun, sort of pony style. To keep things looking natural, make sure that you leave enough hair to cover the seams of your extensions.

The Summertime Curls

Everybody seems to go crazy for curls in the summertime. Bouncy waves and abundant body is where it’s at right now, so join the curly girl club right away. If you invest in high quality clip in hair extensions that have a lot of length to them, you can get away with tighter, more pronounced curls. In fact, the curlier you want your tresses to be, the longer your extensions should also be, because you’ll lose a lot of the mid lengths to your rocking new waves.

The Diva in the Making

If you want to make like Ariana Grande and indulge in the shiniest, silkiest hair imaginable, style your clip in extensions with precision and care. It might take a little longer than usual to backcomb and introduce extra body, but you will be rewarded with that big and brash ‘Beyonce at the Grammys’ look. Straighten your hair first (add heat protective spray for fortification) and then enhance it with lashings of hairspray and gloss for shine.

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The Slicked Back Vixen

For a style that’s a little bit different and a lot of edgy, try slicking your hair back in a wet look fashion. This is a really popular trend with supermodels, because they’re not afraid to rock that slightly androgynous vibe. It’s more common to see short haired ladies with this look, but it looks just as stunning with long hair. The trick is to make sure that you have that high shine gloss on the top; team the style with dramatic smoky eyes for maximum sex appeal.

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