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How to Keep Hair Extensions Looking Healthy

Generally, the rules for maintaining healthy hair are quite simple. Limit exposure to heat, avoid brushing when wet, resist the temptation to over wash, and use dyes and harsh chemicals in moderation. But what about hair extensions, Do the same rules apply? How do you keep hair looking healthy and shiny if it isn’t actually alive and still growing?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that things are just as simple. So, if you’ve ever been put off buying clip in hair extensions because you’re worried about maintenance, now is the time to get onboard. The great thing about extensions, particularly clip ins, is that they can be taken out for styling in a matter of minutes. Instead of twisting and turning, trying to reach those tricky areas, you can lay them out in the sink or on a dresser and avoid all of the fussy stuff.

These handy hints and tips for keeping your hair extensions looking healthy will get you on the right track to styling perfection.

Just Keep Brushing

Just because your extensions can be removed and left on the dresser every night, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need regular brushing. In fact, every time you brush or comb your own hair, you should give your clip in pieces some attention too. Do this with a soft bristled brush, because too much force will damage the follicles. If you come across any tough knots or tangles, it’s better to unravel them with your fingers rather than attacking too harshly with a hairbrush.

Work That Wash N’ Go

You don’t have to wash or condition your hair extensions as often as your own hair; about once every fortnight should be fine if you don’t wear them every day of the week. You can, of course, do it more regularly than this or less often if they are only worn on special occasions. It is much easier if you remove them first and lay them out in the sink. That way, you can directly apply and massage the shampoo into the lengths.

Treat Your Bonds Carefully

Needless to say, the one area where you need to be extra careful is around the joins, seams, and bonds. If you apply too much heat or you accidentally damage the bonds in any way, you might compromise the integrity of the hair extensions. So, be careful not to place straightening irons over grips and attachments when styling. Keep your hairdryer away from this area and make sure that your extensions are completely dry, after washing, before you wear them.

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Tie Those Bad Boys Back

The easiest way to avoid tangles is by drawing your extensions up into a secure ponytail. In fact, this is a good way to keep them neat and all together if you haven’t got time to remove them before bed. Or, if you’re a bit of a gym bunny and you need freedom from your tresses, gather them into a high pony. This will stop your hair from getting sweaty and knotted, which will save you a world of trouble in the morning.

Avoid Alcohol Based Products

Where possible steer clear of styling products with alcohol in them. It dries out the follicles and you’ll see a marked reduction in shine and vitality. It also makes them more prone to knots and tangles. If you use alcohol based gels or sprays and you don’t rinse the hair out thoroughly enough, you can end up seriously weakening it and causing progressive shedding. All you have to do to avoid this is take more time when shopping; read labels and choose carefully.

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