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Hair Mistakes: The 6 Things You Are Doing That Damage Your Hair

Things You Are Doing That Damage Your Hair
Authored By Abbey Wilson

We know the usual things we do that can make out hair frizzy, brittle and lifeless. Too many late nights, too much heat and of course, poor hair care. Although these are the most known about and blamed culprits, they are not the only ones. There are often little things that you do that stand in between you and healthy hair.

That’s not all though, some of the hair products you are using to keep your hair healthy may also be killing your hair. This is why it’s important to know what you’re putting into your hair, and the effects of all the little things you do to it.

On today’s blog, we are breaking down some of the things that damage your hair (as normal as they may seem) and how to cope with them.


What Hair Product Should I Use 


The type of hair products you use for your hair could be killing your tresses. There are a lot of products that might be good for your hair today, but too much regular use of them damages your hairand sometimes, they simply aren’t meant to provide a long-term solution for your hair.

While dry shampoo is our favourite fast fix and go into for 'in-between wash days', using dry shampoo for too long will build up excess moisture and leave residue in your hair and scalp. This will hinder new hair growth by blocking hair follicles. Be sure to wash the oils in your hair every now and again and be cautious to not over wash it.

Another favourite that damages your hair is salt sprays. Although it works to dry out your hair for that beach waves look, it can also lead to breakage as this dries out your ends and your hair if used heavily. To protect your hair, you should use some leave in conditioner on your hair before using salt spray.


Hairstyles That Damage Your Hair 


Wearing the same style all of the time may make it easier for you to get on with your day without having to think too much, but it can lead to major hair damage. Whether it is a ponytail or a bun or regular up-dos, with or without hair extensions, it may cause breakage disaster. If you have noticed a layer or breakages near where your hair tie goes, try checking out one of our hair tutorials and try mixing your hairstyles up a bit. Your hair will thank you forever.

Also, if you keep dyeing and bleaching your hair, use too much heat to style it, or if you’ve been using the same shampoo and conditioner – you’re making a massive mistake. Check out our Blog as dyeing hair extensions isn’t quite the same as colouring your own hair and there are a few different steps that need to be taken to achieve a good result. Change your hairstyles and change your hair products according to your hair changes to keep your hair growing healthily.


Your Habit Of Playing With Hair 


We all have those habits we do when we are bored – some people flick their pens; others doodle in notebooks and for some of us, we play with our hair. Twiddling or fidgeting with your hair can damage it without you realising. We use our hands for everything, from steadying us on public transport to writing with that borrowed pen.The main reason we are told not to bite our nails is to minimise transference or grease and germs and the same goes for our hair.

If you want to avoid dirty and oily hair and hair extensions, stop over-fiddling with your hair.

Another thing to consider is product application to your hair. If you are using products such as serum, you should make sure you rub the serum in your palms as evenly as possible. The heat from rubbing the products also allows you to activate the product before you apply it. 


Best Hair Brush For Damaged Hair 

Getting the right brush is key to styling perfection. We all have different hair types and thicknesses and so do our hair and extensions. Just like we need to find the perfect brush for us we need to have one that isn’t too rough on your hair either.

Avoid pulling your hair when brushing it. For stubborn knots that just won’t budge, make sure you hold the extensions at the root and make sure you don’t tug and drag too much. There is no need to cause the hairs on your extensions to loosen or fall out when you have the right equipment and use the right technique.

You should brush your hair upside down, as this allows you to make sure you brush through your hair, getting rid of (and avoiding) knots. This is also good for your hair as it stimulates your scalp.

Finally, avoid brushing your hair when wet as this will tangle your hair.


 Your Sleeping Habits

This may not apply so much if you use clip in hair extensions, but it affects your own hair too. Have you ever thought about what kind of pillowcase you are sleeping on? If you are too tired to care by the time you hit the sack, a silk pillowcase makes a huge difference. Most people use cotton pillowcases or cotton blend pillowcases as they are the most affordable, but it can cause some major frizz.

Satin pillowcases are also great for your hair, as they have just the right amount of smoothness and won’t overheat your hair. If you are on a budget, drape a satin scarf over your pillow at night instead.

Silk and satin pillowcases help to reduce frizzing, keeps the hair cuticles in line and retain the moistures no matter the time of year. They're especially helpful with extensions, as the friction with cotton pillowcases often cause the hair to tangle and shorten the lifespan of the hair. 


Washing Your Hair Every Day

We are big advocates in not over-washing your hair. Your hair should only be washed as often as needed, which is usually every two to three days. Over-washing your hair will actually strip your hair off its natural oils, making it dull and dry.

You should also avoid brushing your hair when its wet as your hair is weaker when it's wet. You should instead, brush your hair before getting into the shower or use a wide-tooth comb when washing your hair.


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