Having thin hair can be a huge set-back, especially if you’d like to try something new but it simply doesn’t work that well with your hair type. With the rise in interest in bouncy blowouts and retro hairstyles that focus on texture, depth and movement, adding thickness in your mane with the help of human hair extensions can be tempting. But even in that case, how can you make the most of your hair extensions and blend them in with your natural hair without them becoming obvious? What hairstyles can you recreate with hair extensions? For these and many other questions, keep on reading and get inspired to try new looks that will transform your thin hair.

How To Hide Hair Extensions In Thin Hair?

Back-combing and using a volumising powder are the perfect tools to help your hair extensions stay in place, hold their grip and boost volume at the root of your hair. Use texture with curls and waves and strategically placed layers to help your hair extensions blend in seamlessly with your natural hair, hiding the attachments.

What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair?

Seamless hair extensions are the optimal choice for those who prefer to switch things up occasionally and don’t want to commit to a permanent solution. Thick from root to tip and carefully treated to keep their shine, softness and manageability for a long time, they belong to a luxury range that never fails to stun. Their silicon seam lays flat against the scalp and is super thin and gentle.


Nano ring hair extensions are the perfect product for those who want to achieve new length and boosted volume on a daily basis, without having to take your hair out at the end of the day and popping it back on in the morning. They are the latest technology in permanent hair extensions, very delicate and virtually invisible even in the finest of hair. Like seamless hair extensions, this type of hair also belongs to our Remy Royale range, a superior quality type of human hair extensions.

Volumised Half-Up Hairstyle With Hair Extensions

A half-up, half-down hairstyle is always a great choice for when you want to look put together without being too formal nor too casual. Adding volume and movement in a half-up hairstyle is fairly easy: you can always back-comb your roots to ensure maximum grip on your hair extensions and to boost things up there on your crown, where you’re going to tie your hair half-up. Back-combing your hair gives a kick to your roots, adding puff and movement to give the illusion of a thicker, lived-in situation. You can tie your hair on the back in a knot, or even a bun. For this type of hairstyle, seamless hair extensions are the best option, laying flat against your scalp and being gentle on your natural hair with their silicon seams.

Layered Haircut With Hair Extensions

Adding layers and hair extensions serve two purposes: number one, your hair will naturally gain movement and depth, getting a little boost in volume and framing your face nicely; number two, it will help blending in the hair extensions attachment, making them virtually invisible. This type of haircut can work really well both with clip in hair extensions and permanent options such as nano ring hair extensions. Look into something like the butterfly haircut, the trendy and easy cut that adds layers and face-framing curtain bangs to your mane. Styling this haircut is incredibly easy: all you need is a jumbo roller (or jumbo round brush) and a blowdryer. Read more about it in our dedicated blog: 5 Reasons You Should Get A Butterfly Haircut.

Textured Hair With Hair Extensions

Adding texture to your haircut will naturally give your hair more volume, and that’s a fact. You can easily achieve this at home with the aid of a curling ribbon, or a curling wand or flat iron if you’re in a hurry. Wearing remy hair extensions will help you add thickness especially towards the ends, where thin hair tends to leave them empty and scarce. For the warmer season, crimped hair make a trendy, Y2K-oriented choice, whilst beach waves are the optimal solution for a cool summer hairstyle. Curling your hair and hair extensions is simple, all you’ll need is a little bit of practice – and, in case you’re using a heat-based styling tool, a generous dose of heat protectant spray. With thin hair and hair extensions, make sure you always keep the heat settings on low to avoid frying your hair and damaging your precious investment. Need to stock up? Shop Cliphair Heat Protectant spray now.

Messy Bun With Hair Extensions

Did you know that a gloriously messy updo is the perfect, elegant solution for people struggling with thin hair? Adding a few clip in hair extensions to your bun makes the optimal choice to give you that lived-in, effortlessly chic and artsy vibe. The messy bun has been long overlooked as a “stay at home” hairstyle, but in recent years it became an impeccable fashion choice for many people, from individuals like you and I ending with celebrities and influencers. Some even made it their go-to hairstyle for their own wedding day. It must mean something! Using a texturising spray or a volumising powder on your roots will turn the volume up and help your clip ins stay in place. Don’t forget to leave out some romantic tendrils, that you can wear as they are or glamorously curled.

Ponytail Hair Extensions Hairstyles

From the 90s flipped ponytail brought to fame by Bella Hadid to the long, thick and sleek pony made famous by Kim Kardashian, a set of clip in ponytail hair extensions will unlock a world of possibilities even if your hair doesn’t quite cut it when tied up in a pony.

Cliphair’s wrap around ponytail is extremely easy to apply (you can put it on in less than 2 minutes!) and can be styled and curled however you want. You could also plait it and add a gorgeous bow at the end for a preppy finish, or style it in a trendy bubble braid for a flawless, Y2K vibe.


Having thin hair doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on gorgeous hairstyles! Quite opposite, actually. With the help of hair extensions you can now achieve new length, improved volume and newly found thickness and movement – even when your natural hair wouldn’t normally allow it. Find the right type of hair extensions for you, and get styling!

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