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3 Of The Best Celeb Short Hair Looks

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

For many years, there has been a commonly held misconception that short hair always has to mean dull hair. Well, Hollywood princess Jennifer Lawrence sure silenced the doubters by rocking one of the coolest pixie crops in Tinsel Town for as long as we can remember. The days are gone when the standard bob left ladies looking like a nineties throwback (a la Jennifer Anniston, in Friends), and we have now ushered in the age of the ‘lob’.

If you are not yet familiar with the lob, you need to take a closer look at your favourite screen sirens, because they’ve been sporting this hairstyle in their droves over the last two to three years. The same can be said for the wonderfully monikered ‘bad bob,’ a modern and much more rebellious incarnation of the standard ‘do.

The bad bob is big, bold, and it refuses to follow the rules. It does not adhere to a standardised cut, it does not have to be the same length all over, and it can be as mussed up and punky as you dare to make it. For gals who aren’t quite so keen to stand out from the crowd, the lob offers a sleeker and more sophisticated alternative to the sex appeal of the bad bob.

In celebration of girls with rocking bobs, the experts at ClipHair have put together a little list of our favourite short haired temptresses.

The Jennifer Lawrence

We simply could not resist kicking off our list with the movie star who brought back the bob with a bang. There are so many reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence – she is a great role model for young women, she is genuinely hilarious, and she whips up a storm on screen – and her flawless locks are just one of them. The Silver Linings Playbook and Hunger Games star seems to favour the shorter bob, with a more contemporary and punky style. It has a sort of rock chick vibe, but with the delicate and quite romantic waves at the front, this hairstyle never gets too masculine or angular.

img1 img2

you can view these images here

The Emma Stone

Now, it’s on to another Hollywood lovely who definitely has a penchant for shorter locks. It’s amusing how many of us assumed that Emma Stone was a natural redhead, having never seen anybody suit the colouring so perfectly before. Alas, our Stone is a natural blonde – fortunately, the red hair makes frequent appearances, and we love it when she combines that deep cherry red tone with a choppy and textured bob. This style works well because it doesn’t rely on a consistent length, and it seems to be slightly longer at the front than at the back. This means that the cut naturally frames her features and stops her face from looking too round.

img5 img6

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Dakota Johnson

The Fifty Shades of Grey star was recently photographed sporting a new hairdo; a rather retro style lob. With sixties style sunglasses and a double breasted blazer to match, the screen siren looked every inch the old school Hollywood beauty. This cut is a little more even and consistent than the Emma Stone or the Jennifer Lawrence, but it retains that element of rebelliousness. The messy fringe and the rounded top kind of evoke memories of French movie stars like Audrey Tatou even. With this bold new look, we hope Dakota is able to move away from the dramas which dogged her last big break.

img3 img4

you can view these images here

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