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2 Styles that look amazing with Ombre Extensions

Ombre hair is one of the easiest ways to spice up your hairstyle, especially if you are using Cliphair extensions to achieve it. These dual-tone looks can help highlight your eyes, make your eyes and outfits pop. They are lovely with simply straight locks but they do not make it really be the star of the show. That is what these looks are going to help you do so keep reading these step-by-step tutorials and #wearcliphair to show them off.


The crown braid

This is a style that is brilliant because it integrates the colour of different areas and makes it look incredibly special. To start this look you will need to have brushed and smooth locks. It doesn’t matter if you have newly washed or second-day hair. Create a center part from your hairline to the nape of your neck, add your Cliphair to both of these sides. Tie one half of your hair out of the way and divide part of the other side near the nape of your neck into three. Starting from the middle third cross your strands under each other starting to form a french braid. You should keep this braid tight and add strands as you head towards your ear and the top of your head. Stop adding strands of hair near your eyebrow and simply continue the braid to the end before you secure it with a clear hair tie. Repeat with the other side but this time starting at your hairline and working your way around to the nape of your neck. Secure the ends of one braid under the strands of the other. Pinch the sections to make the most of your crown braid.



The hair bow

This is a super cute look. The ombre tones start to come through at the tides making a big impact in the middle of the bow. I am going to show you how to create a high hair bow but this can easily be adapted to create a lower or smaller bow. Start by brushing your hair away from your face whilst adding hairspray at the same time. Form a sleek high ponytail and add your Cliphair clip in extensions around your hair tie, don’t worry there will not be visible later. On the last time, you pull your hair through your hair tie instead of pulling it all the way through, create a little look with the ends of your hair facing forward. Fan out this loop so it creates a large half circle look. Divide the fan in half down the center, you will see that this forms the two sides of your bow. Now, take the ends of your hair up and through the middle of your bow, pinning them tightly at the back. You can double the ends over to hide the ends Don’t be afraid to rearrange the two sides before adding a stronger hold hairspray and completing this look.


Katie O’Connor

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