If you’ve been paying attention, you’re very well aware of how trendy a good hat can be. Whether you’re looking to switch up your aesthetic or simply want to protect your hair and scalp in a fashionable way, wearing a hat, a headscarf, a bandana or a beanie can be the solution. Let’s find out how these hair accessories can be implemented in your routine and how to look glamorous whilst protecting your tresses from the cold!

1. Ponytail (back to index)

To all of my Sporty Spices out there, this one’s for you! A ponytail is the evergreen hairstyle for a person that likes to live their life in between yoga sessions, morning runs and evening gym performances. If your hair is more up than down, a ponytail is nothing new to you - but what if I told you that you can make it a fashionable statement? There’s many ways you can style your ponytail to look glamorous on top of being practical. Clip-in ponytail hair extensions are the best hair accessory a pony-lover can have.

2. Loose Waves (back to index)

How do you turn a beachy look into a winter wonder? Place a hat on top of it. Loose waves are the perfect choice for a romantic, simple hairstyle. You can easily achieve them with a curling iron or Velcro rollers; loose waves are a soft, gorgeous look that goes really well with many different hair accessories and suit any aesthetic and hair colour. Fedoras, beanies and berets can all go with this type of curl and become the cherry on top of your outfit.

3. Classic Plaits (back to index)

It’s not unusual to see someone wearing classic plaits with a nice beret as soon as the temperatures drop; this hairstyle is too cute not to try, but leaving your ears out can be quite the opposite of appealing in the cold, and that’s where a trendy hat comes into play. A French beret paired with a couple of classic plaits and hoop rings is the perfect example of Y2K fashion bleeding into winter fashion! If you’re lacking the necessary length and volume to recreate this hairstyle, you can always add clip-in hair extensions.

4. Fishtail Braid (back to index)

The fishtail braid is a classic, a trendy and boho-chic hairstyle that has been around for years now. A popular choice for festival looks and cottagecore fans, this hairdo isn’t the easiest to recreate - but with the aid of human hair extensions and a bit of practice, you can get a killer fishtail braid that will keep you looking cosy and glamorous throughout the coldest season. The fishtail braid is also the perfect hairstyle for those looking to add hair accessories in their tresses, such as gems and hair charms - perfect to sparkle for a Christmas party.

5. Spiral Curls (back to index)

Tight ringlets have something unique to them, and people that are naturally born with curly hair know this. The amount of care and specific products that go into caring for this type of hair is incredible, but if you’re ready to commit (and your hair is healthy enough) you can always go for spiral curls for this season with the help of a perm. If you’ve been thinking about it, have a read at our dedicated blog: Things To Consider Before Getting A Perm. Straight And Glossy - Glass hair is still going strong, as seen on many different celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

6. Low Messy Bun (back to index)

A messy bun is the staple hairstyle for those who like to look casual and chic at the same time: it has that “I got ready in 5 minutes” vibe typical of those fashion models always on the go, who seem to never have the time to do anything and manage to look fabulous regardless. I wish it was that easy for those who don’t have a personal stylist too! Other than that, the low messy bun is a great choice top top off with a classic hat for your daily commitments. 

7. French Braid (back to index)

The French braid is extremely romantic, and by adding real hair extensions you can take it to the next level with plumpness and length. It can either go long and wild in the back, or lay romantically on one of your shoulders; either way, rest assured this look will never fail to keep you looking elegant and sophisticated. Alternatively, you can also make it fluffier by pulling out some strands, for that effortlessly glamorous finish.

8. Curly Ponytail (back to index)

If you love curls but don’t feel like committing to a full-head permanent treatment, you can always curl your wrap-around clip-in ponytail and crimp it in tight, corkscrew-like ringlets. A curly ponytail is extremely in, and works really well both with wool beanies and trendy baseball caps. If your aesthetic is usually simple or you would like to leave room for a special accessory such as big earrings or a statement necklace, this is the perfect hairdo for you.

9. Baby Braids (back to index)

Baby braids that frame your face are the top notch choice for when you decide to wear a bucket hat. This fashion accessory became a popular part of Black culture and fashion during the 80s, and it had its very own raging comeback last year thanks to pop-culture icon Rihanna. Not long after that, the bucket hat has been seen on celebrities such as Billie Eilish andHailey Bieber, with the latter showing us how cool it looks when paired with baby braids.

10. Bubble Braids (back to index)

Bubble braids, also known as bubble ponytails, are another great option to channel your inner Y2K vibes when winter hits. Simple and easy, this hairstyle sees your tresses held together with micro-hair ties on different points, making your hair appear as if they have “bubbles” in them. It’s a great, sleek hairstyle to work with if you’d like to try a hat as an accessory but don’t like the idea of having a sophisticated or messy hairdo underneath it.

11. Two Low Buns (back to index)

What about a “low” version of your favourite summer space buns? This hairstyle can easily be adapted to the colder season with a few touches. You can make your buns low and fluffy, for a boho-chic finish; or again you can instead keep them nice and polished, tight on the nape of your neck for a classy, minimalistic outfit. This hairstyle is pretty versatile and works wonders for both those that would like to keep it simple and sporty without missing out on being elegant, and those who’d like to look youthful and effortlessly chic without missing out on a sophisticated vibe.

12. Low Chignon (back to index)

The low chignon is instead a classy choice for a working woman that would like to wear the same outfit both at work and outside, perhaps with some drinks after office hours. This hairstyle will allow you to look both professional and elegant, and can be “dressed” up or down with the right accessories, such as a pair of statement earrings that you can simply pop on as you leave your workplace.

13. Straight And Glossy (back to index)

Glass hair is still going strong, as seen on many different celebrities. Will this trend survive winter? Likely. Nothing screams “healthy and gorgeous” like flowy, shiny tresses. Going well into winter, how are you going to adapt this hairstyle to the seasonal requirements? A warm beanie will work wonders on long, sleek hair. Want to know more? Add seamless hair extensions to avoid that “flat” hair effect, and have a read at our blog: What Is Glass Hair And How To Achieve It.

14. Classic Blowout (back to index)

Nothing wrong in the classic blowout, that can work really well with many different types of hair accessories. You can easily get it at home with jumbo rollers or with your trusted round brush and blow-dryer: just top it off with your favourite hat and voila, you’re ready to go. If you want it to look a little more romantic, you can let your  mane sit on one shoulder only. Simple, yet incredibly effective.

15. Pigtails (back to index)

Double pigtails aren't exclusive to the youngest audience, instead they make a trendy hairstyle that will give a playful, youthful touch to any outfit! A pair of pigtails can be gently tousled with sea-salt spray or any other texturising product of your choice, or even styled with a waver, a hair straightener or a curling iron to suit your style and hair type. 

16. Conclusion: (back to index)

Who said that wearing a hat could limit your opportunities to look trendy and glamorous? With these fifteen hat hairstyle ideas the world is your oyster! Braid it, curl it, twist it, bun it; when paired with Remy hair extensions, your hair becomes the ultimate beauty weapon to achieve many different looks in a matter of minutes.

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