November is the perfect month to get your tresses ready for the festive season! After all, there’s going to be a lot of styling, hairspraying, blow-drying, braiding, and so on. Pampering your hair and human hair extensions can be the perfect solution to having a clean, healthy, and shiny slate to start your holiday season with. Not sure where to start when it comes to keeping your hair in tip-top shape, changing looks, and reviving your hair extensions? In this blog, I’ll list 10 ways to ensure that your mane is ready to shine (quite in the literal sense) throughout the holidays.

Deep Conditioning

After a summer of shenanigans and the arrival of the colder season, chances are that your tresses will be parched, and in need of some good old TLC. Deep conditioning your hair weekly will make sure your strands maintain their softness and elasticity, restoring your hair over time. You can also use a nourishing hair mask on your clip in hair extensions to breathe new life into them, to preserve the seamless blend with your tresses. If you have dyed hair, it might be worth it to look into a colour-boosting hair mask to supercharge the pigmentation in your tresses. Hydrated hair looks healthier and luscious, and it provides an excellent base for styling!

Trim Your Ends

Trimming your ends or dusting your hair is something that should be kept up with regardless of the season. Aim to schedule a quick trim appointment with your hairstylist every three or four months, creating a healthy routine that will leave room for your natural hair to grow without having to worry about worn-out, brittle strands – for a more polished finish. I have talked more in detail about this topic in our dedicated blog: Goodbye, Split Ends! What Is Hair Dusting?

Get New Human Hair Extensions

This can be a solution for you if you have recently changed your hair colour and can’t match your hair extensions anymore or can’t dye them. Or, even better, if you’ve always felt like you wanted to experiment with a new, glamorous look, but have never brought yourself to purchase Remy hair extensions (yet). Last but not least, if your old hair extensions have given up on you and are beyond repair point, it might be time to buy a fresh new set of hair extensions. Whether you’re all about the ease and handiness of clip ins or devoted to the luxurious feel of permanent hair extensions, this could be exactly what you need to impress everyone at your work Christmas party (or any other occasion, really).

Revive Your Human Hair Extensions

If you already have extensions, then it’s time to pamper them as well. Always start by using a sulfate-free shampoo followed by sulfate-free conditioner; if needed, indulge in a deeply nourishing hair mask that can quench the thirst of your tresses and leave them soft, shiny, and manageable. A spray leave-in conditioner is  also ideal pre-styling, to keep your hair hydrated and frizz-free throughout the day.

Experiment With Colours

The most obvious makeover is a new hair colour: for the colder season, try adding highlights or lowlights to your hair, or simply boost your current shade with a colour block hairstyle. Adding extensions can be a solution to achieve a fresh new look without the fuss of bleach and hair dye, adding a touch of light or a daring flash of colour in contrast with the rest of your mane. Try adding balayage hair extensions to your hairdo today, and see it for yourself! 

Heat Protection

This is kind of a given, but better safe than sorry, so let me reinstate the obvious: unless you’re living a heat-free life when it comes to hair drying and styling, always make sure you protect your strands with a generous dose of heat protectant spray. Especially when it comes to real hair extensions, since they are more prone to dryness than natural tresses. If you already know that you’ll be going bananas with hair straighteners, curling wands, and heated hair rollers – then remember to stock up in heat protection spray.

Oil Your Hair

If you didn’t know already, hair oils play an essential role in a good hair care routine worthy of the name. Finding the best one for your hair and/or for your scalp may be challenging at first, but with consistency and a bit of patience the results will be astonishing. Oiling your tresses is the best way to seal those cuticles, soften your strands, and achieve unmatched shine after styling. Find your best hair oil in our dedicated blog: Hair Oil: Best Oils For Hair Growth And A Healthy, Happy Scalp.

Nourish From Within

Beauty comes from within, I always say that – and in some cases, quite literally. Eating a healthy diet and enriching your food regimen with hair-approved meals packed with vitamins, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc is the best way to boost your hair’s health – visibly changing the way it looks and feels. Feeling inspired? Find some tasty recipes for your hair here: 10 Tasty Brunch Ideas To Boost Your Hair's Health.

Prevent Frizz

If you’re trying to tackle a frizzy, static-looking mane before even thinking about your festive hairstyles, there are quite a few tricks that you can try. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair, but using Argan oil, nourishing glycerin-infused shampoo and conditioner, and skipping certain steps such as hairspray in your tresses can be a real game changer. Leave-in conditioner is definitely worth a try, and in some more serious cases: switch to a silk pillowcase, and ditch your hair towel for a microfibre one.


Looking to recreate the most glamorous hairdos for the season? Then chances are you’ll need to stock up on some good hair accessories, so that your tresses can truly stand out. If we’re not talking about ponytail hair extensions or a clip in fringe to achieve an instant transformation without having to commit to a haircut or spending hours at the salon, then certainly you’ll need to invest in some festive hairpins, headbands, sparkly barrettes, or hair rhinestones to add some holiday glitz and glam to your hair!


If you made it ‘till this ending paragraph, congratulations! You are now ten steps ahead of your friends when it comes to hair prep for the holidays. With these ten easy steps, you'll have your hair in perfect condition for the festive season in no time – and you’ll feel much better about your hairstyle.

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