The beauty of ash blonde hair is unique, as it mixes all the gorgeousness of blonde hair and its natural brightness with the sultry and whimsical feel of ashy tones such as silver and beige. Ash blonde has become quite popular lately, especially as ashy tones work really well with pretty much any skin undertone and they can make a nice tan pop like nothing else. In this blog, we’ll explore a few ashy options for your marvellous blonde makeover. Read on to find your shade!

1. Ice Blonde Hair Extensions (back to index)

As the interest in getting Targaryen-like tresses has skyrocketed thanks to the huge success of HBO’s House Of The Dragon, Ice Blonde hair had to be the first shade I’d like to talk about. Perfect for both those who have a warmer skin undertone and cool, fair-complexioned individuals, platinum blonde hair extensions make a gorgeous addition to get a mane worthy of the Mother of Dragons. Jokes aside, platinum blonde hair has been quite popular over time – and although it’s a not-so-easy shade to achieve, it surely is one that stands out from the crowd and can make any hairstyle classy, iconic and sophisticated. From achieving princess-like bouncy curls to recreating Kim Kardashian’s ever-popular ponytail, with the right accessories you can transform your platinum blonde hair and step up your game.

Styled in a trendy bubble ponytail, an iconic rope braid or poker straight, ice blonde hair is one amazing colour to rock a number of Y2K hairstyles, and channel your inner Paris Hilton in style.

Platinum Blonde Bubble Ponytail

A bubble ponytail (also known as bubble braid) is a cute-but-fierce hairstyle to rock at practically any occasion. Whether at work or on a night out with your friends, at the beach or on a date – this Y2K hairdo came back to stay, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Recreating a bubble ponytail with your ice blond hair extensions couldn’t be easier: all you need is a bunch of sturdy hair ties and a hairbrush!

2. BlondeMe Hair Extensions (back to index)

As seen on celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence and Hayden Panettiere (who we’ll soon welcome in the latest movie of the Scream franchise), ash blonde hair is a fancy and popular option in the Hollywood stardom. Cliphair’s BlondeMe shade aims to nail that fabulous California ashy look, to give you a full, thick and glamorous ash blonde mane that will bring any hairstyle to life like nothing else. Get that fabulous beachy vibe with these gorgeous and natural ash blonde hair extensions, and whilst at it, have fun recreating some sensational celebrity hairstyles that were practically born to shine bright in this soft, creamy and compact shade. From soft and bouncy curls to effortlessly elegant messy buns and other updos of the sort, this shade of blonde goes hand in hand with a plethora of hairdos, whether you’re feeling laid-back and carefree or fancy and sophisticated.

Claw Clip Hairstyle With Ash Blonde Hair

Want to look both effortlessly elegant and relaxed at the same time? Then look no further than claw clip hairstyles, the trendy accessory that has come back from the 90s and is here to stay. Just like back then, nowadays there are plenty of options for you to experiment with: tons of different colours, shapes and sizes to pick and recreate your favourite claw clip hairstyles for any occasion.

3. Ash Blonde Grey Hair Extensions (back to index)

Cliphair’s Silver Sand shade is a unique, harmonious medley of gold and silver, resulting in a sleek and futuristic beige shade that leaves nothing to chance. Deliciously crafted to achieve the perfect blend of ash tones and blonde brightness, this hair colour is an avant-gardists-only choice that achieves unmatched results with a lot of different complexions, bringing flattering light to everyone. From daring and rebellious looks to soft, elegant and classy blowouts, Silver Sand hair extensions will add body, movement and depth to any hairstyle – bringing your hair from short to long, from fine to thick, and even reviving and plumping things up in the dullest of hair. A favourite among kpop stars such as CL from 2NE1 and well-known in the Western world thanks to celebrities such as Taylor Swift, this lovely hair colour will make you stand out with the crowd with a unique, almost sci-fi flavour.

Ash Blonde Grey Curly Hair

No matter what your hair colour is or how you usually wear your hair: there’s nothing that can beat a classic curly blowout! From tight ringlets to big, bouncy curls inspired by 90s divas, you can style your hair extensions in a variety of classy blowouts to stun your audience in an effortless, timeless fashion. You can achieve different types of curly blowouts with the aid of a curling iron or by using a curling ribbon for silky, glossy heatless curls. Find out more about how to curl hair extensions on our dedicated blog: How To Curl Hair Extensions: A Complete Guide.

4. Light Ash Blonde Hair Extensions (back to index)

What’s not to love about a delicately ashy, bright and gloriously blonde hairdo? This shade of blonde hair extensions has all the benefits of a shiny, luminous and glamorous blonde hairdo with a soft touch of ashy tones that make it ideal to glow all-year-round and keep that luxurious, sun-kissed look typical of ash blondes in summer. Perfect for warmer skin undertones, this regal hair colour works wonders under natural light and can be used to recreate a variety of majestic hairstyles. Delicately vibrant like the iconic shade of a doll, light ash blonde hair extensions will be a real game changer if you recently bleached your hair – filling your ends with plump and volume, adding shine to your blowout and giving an invigorating, scrumptious kick to Hollywood-worthy blowouts that will leave everyone’s jaw glued to the floor.

Bouncy Blowout With Light Ash Blonde Hair

If you love the idea of a classic curly blowout but want to make it extra, then I’ve got good news for you: please welcome on stage, the bouncy blowout! Inspired by the iconic looks seen throughout the naughty 90s, the big bouncy blowout owes its popularity to stars such as Cindy Crawford, Alicia Silverstone, Denise Richards and Madchen Amick. Nowadays, influencers and beauty moguls like Matilda Djerf made it break the internet, rapidly going viral on TikTok with thousands of tutorials and hair hacks popping up every day. You can easily achieve this glorious hairdo with ultra volume hair extensions and jumbo hair rollers.

5. Conclusion: (back to index)

Ash blonde hair is trendy, variegated, and versatile. There are many different shades out there designed to bring to life different skin undertones, complexions, hairstyles and aesthetics. If you’d like to experiment with ash blonde hair extensions, as you can see there are endless possibilities to recreate the looks that you’re dreaming of! From fancy plaits and ponytails to glossy, bouncy blowouts and cosy updos for those stay-at-home self-care days, ash blonde hairstyles will keep you looking glamorous throughout every stage you go through.

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