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How to: Big, Voluminous Hair

For decades women have lusted after gorgeous thick, full and luscious hair. From Marilyn Monroe with her bouncy peroxide curls, to Sophia Loren’s thick and bushy barnet, big hair throughout history has been seen as a sign of femininity and seduction.
Thanks to the amazing wonder products on the market these days, achieving hair height and texture has never been easier. A trip to your local drugstore and you will be bombarded with products promising to give you a gorgeous voluminous hairstyle.
Preparation is key in creating volume – use a shampoo and conditioner designed especially for the purpose, leaving your conditioner on for a few minutes to prepare it for later styling. When your hair is wet you should apply a product designed to give your hair a boost, such as a hair mousse. These will make your hair more manageable and more responsive to styling.
If you don’t like blow drying your hair, or prefer not to dry it section by section with a wide barrelled brush, you can simply blow dry your hair upside down. This will create height and volume before styling. Otherwise, you can section your hair off from the base of your head upwards, blowdrying section by section. Take each section, and using a wide barreled brush focus the hairdryer underneath each section.
After drying your hair, use a texturising powder. This doesn’t need to be an expensive one, Sprinkle a little on your roots and take a fine toothed comb. Backcomb section by section before smoothing the top section of the hair to hide any roughness.
Finish off the look with shine spray to add a glisten to your new gorgeous locks!

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