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Hair Extensions

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are not new. They have been in use for a long time, though initially only within the hair styling and fashion industry itself. More recently, however, clip in hair extensions have gained a considerable degree of popularity.

Why are clip in hair extensions so popular? The ability to clip on hair extensions in a matter of minutes that look and feel just like your own hair – and that are actually made from real human hair – makes them a very attractive choice.

Clip in hair extensions have their origins in products like the ponytail claw clip that sat high and looked fine for its time. Things have moved on. Now the simple crude ponytail claw clip on hair extensions quite frankly looks cheap.

Clip in hair extensions are not the only way to extend your hair, of course. Gluing, bonding or weaving techniques can also attach hair extensions, but they all have their problems. Clip in hair extensions by comparison are practically problem free.

A natural concern is often whether or not hair can be damaged by clip on hair extensions. When you clip on hair extensions properly they have no damaging side effects. The clip in hair extensions are merely held in place by specially designed and unobtrusive clips that holds them securely and naturally without causing any damage or associated problems.

This is not always the case when you glue, bond, weave or sew on a hair extension. Apart from the extra time and effort needed to secure the hair extension using these methods, which will normally require the expertise of a trained specialist, damage to existing hair can sometimes occur.

Clip in hair extensions have one considerable added benefit over other kinds of hair extensions: when you can quickly and easily clip on hair extensions, you can just as quickly and easily clip them off too.

Bonds and glues holding hair extensions in place require you to take great care. Chemicals in swimming pools and even natural sea water can have a weakening effect on keratin bonds, for example, even causing them to become undone. When you clip on hair extensions, this simply doesn’t happen.

Also, bonded, glued or weaved hair extensions have to stay in place for days or even months before requiring replacement. Clipping off clip on hair extensions before going to bed, and clipping them back on in the morning is quick and easy. You can do it yourself; you will not need a trained professional to assist you.

Clip in hair extensions are not all made the same. Clip in hair extensions, like any other kind, are available in different grades. At the very top of the range is Grade A Celebrity Elite Bohyme Remi clip in hair extensions. However, you will not find this grade in the shops as it is very, very exclusive indeed!

Real human hair is usually graded from A through to D, though sometimes you may come across variations. Clip on hair extensions in the lower grades of C and D will certainly be cheaper to buy, but are unlikely to satisfy. This grade of clip on hair extensions will feel less real and will dry out more easily. It will also lack the silky lustre that grade A or Grade B clip on hair extensions have.

The highest graded clip on hair extensions are usually European Remi, sometimes also spelt Remy. This means that the hair is pure human hair with the cuticles still in place, all facing the same way. The hair in this grade originates from Europe.

The quality of these kinds of clip in hair extensions will always look completely natural. They will resist tangling, and will complement your natural hair in a way that no other grade can.

Lower graded hair, especially grades C and D can come from India or Asia. There is nothing wrong with clip in hair extensions of this origin, but they are often less suitable for the European wearer, and therefore in less demand. Asian clip on hair extensions, for example, tend to have larger cuticles with a coarser overall hair structure. That, of course, is fine if your hair matches this type.

Where do clip in hair extensions comes from? Although sometimes said, it simply is not true that they come from dead people. Every day there are plenty of people with long hair who prefer to have it short, and every day there are plenty of people who are prepared to buy clip on hair extensions. The two situations create a natural balance.

Clip in hair extensions, also known as clip on hair extensions, are quite simply a giant leap forward in technological terms for the hair extension wearer. Hair styling can be done remotely, that is, with the clip on hair extensions unattached and hanging freely, before being clipped back on again. This provides a delightful flexibility and freedom that no other hair extension type can offer.

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