Unless you live under a rock (or you really, really dislike cinema), you know that the talk of the town these days is Florence Pugh, the British actress that knows a thing or two about stunning performances and flawless looks. But what’s the ruckus about?

The recent news sees Florence part of a rumour involving disagreements between Olivia Wilde and Shia LaBeouf - the latter allegedly leaving the cast following professional incompatibility with Pugh. Whilst the relationship between the trio and the reasons behind Shia leaving the production are blurry, we are very happy for Florence leading yet another cinematographic masterpiece - side by side with no one less than Harry Styles himself.

What’s the secret behind Florence’s outstanding beauty? Let’s start by talking about her hairstyles!

1. Florence Pugh Hair: Modern Flapper Girl (back to index)

Have you ever heard of the flapper girl hairstyle? We talked about it more in detail in our dedicated blog: Roaring 20’S: Celebrity’s Favourites Are Now 1920’S Hairstyles, since at the beginning of this year we’ve seen a brief moment of popularity of this old school look. Florence looks absolutely stunning in her own, modernised version of this style.

2. Florence Pugh Hair: The Barbie Blowout (back to index)

Barbiecore is going strong this year, and we probably have to thank Valentino’s collection for that. At the Met Gala we’ve seen many a celebrity rocking this hot pink shade and it was only a matter of time before a badass blonde like Florence would take it to the next level. This gorgeous yet simple blowout is absolutely breathtaking… Not to mention those shoes!

3. Florence Pugh Hair: Holding Those Curls (back to index)

More of a cameo than a real hairstyle to copy, but kudos on that curl-holding, Florence! I personally believe in pin-curls supremacy, so here I am cheering on this technique. I know your stylist did just the right thing and used a decent amount of heat protectant spray (pssst… if YOU need to stock up, you can get Cliphair’s heat protectant spray here!) and last but not least, a spritz of hairspray. Chef’s kiss.

4. Florence Pugh Hair: The Bun (back to index)

What is Florence wearing when she’s not sporting a glamorous do? Well, don’t get fooled by the simplicity of this hairstyle, a messy bun can go a long way - and the actress knows it very well. After all, it was her character’s Dani (Midsommar, 2019) main hairstyle! Off-screen, Florence opted for a round bun and a simple scrunchie so that her hair doesn’t get damaged. Wise choice! If you’re wearing human hair extensions, silk scrunchies are going to be your best friend.

5. Florence Pugh Hair: The Twisted Ponytail (back to index)

Now, I don’t really have words to express how much I love this hairstyle - but since I’m writing a blog about Florence Pugh’s haircuts and such, I guess I’ll have to make an effort and find them. What to say? This editorial look is a heartstopper, starting from that deliciously crafted, mustard-yellow dress. But this hairstyle, oh! The actress is wearing a high ponytail, subsequently twisted to create faux bangs on her forehead. If you’d like to recreate this badass look for a night out but you’re missing the right length and volume in your pony, grab a wrap-around ponytail clip-in hair extension and get to styling!

6. Florence Pugh Hair: Long & Layered (back to index)

I love me some layers. They add natural bounce and volume, they’re easy to style, they don’t require too much maintenance and they’re perfect to hide clip-in hair extensions for when I’m feeling like switching things up and getting a different length, or adding a touch of colour. What’s not to love about this casual, long and layered haircut?

7. Florence Pugh Hair: The Bump (back to index)

Where are my 90s kids at? The bump was a huge thing growing up, remember? So much that it got dragged on until 2010, when even Penny from The Big Bang Theory was designed to look like a bombshell in this silly easy hairstyle. The early 00s looks are coming back (looking at you, butterfly clips hairstyles!) and although on the lowkey side, the bump is no exception.

8. Florence Pugh Hair: Slicked Back, Half-Up (back to index)

There’s something incredibly romantic about a well-crafted half-up, half-down hairstyle. The one worn by Florence at this conference is incredibly delicate and sophisticated at the same time - perhaps it’s its simplicity, the slicked back look or the velvet ribbon. Who knows. A must try!

9. Florence Pugh Hair: The Side Ponytail (back to index)

This hairstyle was EVERYTHING during the 80s! While we still need to see a proper comeback for this decade (some of its fashion is slowly coming to us, probably thanks to the Stranger Things fandom), but seeing the side ponytail on Florence gives me hope. Just like for every other ponytail hairstyle, you can make this look yours with a mini or classic wrap-around ponytail (and maybe a colourful scrunchie!).

10. Florence Pugh Hair: Mermaid Waves And A Touch Of Pink (back to index)

Mermaid waves have been around since the Tumblr era (and, on occasion, even before that) but this year they’ve broken the internet. Tutorials, heatless techniques and new tools to recreate them are popping up on a daily basis on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. We have talked about how to recreate this look more in detail on our dedicated blog: How To Get Mermaid Hair, The Viral Summer Trend.

11. Conclusion: (back to index)

I think it’s safe to say that Florence is one of those actresses with a huge versatility, not only when it comes to acting (the RANGE of this woman!) but also when we’re talking fashion accessories and aesthetics. The movie premiered at the Venice International Film Festival on September the 5th, and it’s been announced that the official Don’t Worry Darling release is programmed for September the 23rd.

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