Looking for a trendy Christmas hairstyle? Well, what better way than stocking up on fabulous hair accessories that will keep you looking extra glam throughout the festive season?

In today’s blog, I’ll explore all the options with you – from stunning claw clips that you can rock for a Christmas party at work, to hats, headscarves, and hair extensions that you can unleash your creativity with.

Stylish Christmas Hair Accessories

From glimmering sequins to the sophisticated touch of faux fur and metallic accents, winter fashion never fails to inspire me every. Single. Year. I mean, who doesn’t love an opportunity to look (and feel) a bit extra? Whether you're getting all dolled-up for your office Christmas party or enjoying a laid-back weekend with your loved ones, these trendy hair accessory ideas will be the cherry on top of your chosen look.

Silk Head Scarves

If you're keen on a vintage vibe for your festive season this year, then why not do it like the timeless stars of the Dolce Vita era? Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Sofia Loren and Audrey Hepburn, this hair accessory can elevate your look to the next level, turning your hairstyle in one worthy of silver-screen actresses. Simple yet sophisticated, a good silk head scarf makes an iconic choice – not to mention the fact that it will keep your hair in place whilst you travel to your Christmas destination.
Starts like Kim K and J. Lo have all experimented with this classy accessory too – so why shouldn’t you?

Oh, and double cherry on top: silk hair scarves are also gentle to the cuticles on your permanent hair extensions or clip ins.

Shimmering Hair Slides

Going for an old school tight ponytail? Well, the two hair accessories that you’ll need to make it look as sleek as you can are two: number one, the wrap around ponytail hair extensions set, and two – some sparkling barrettes. These cutesy and elegant hair accessories are the gift that keeps on giving, therefore it’s not surprising that they are a prime choice for occasion hairstyles, wedding hair, and more.

Hair Accessories With Pearls

Clips, combs, bobbles and headbands - think of any hair accessory or head piece that comes to mind, and I can guarantee that you’ll be able to find one with pearls on it.
And for a good reason! Not only are pearl hair accessories a bang on trend, but they also have the power to finish off any outfit with a romantic, elegant, and sophisticated touch.

Soften slicked back ponytails with a few pearl clips, supercharge your princess vibes by adding a pearl-encrusted headband to your soft curls, or use a mother of pearl claw clip to create a glamorous up-do for any festive event. 


They might be more of a winter necessity than a vanity accessory, especially when wind chill bites: but hats can actually be a fashion statement in their own right. From beanie to bobble, fedora to fur, there’s lots of different types of hats to suit your face shape, hair colour and even your outfit.

This month, why not style your hair around your hat? Long hair looks great tucked under a fedora, smooth and sleek – perhaps enhanced with added seamless hair extensions for the ultimate thick, glamorous finish. Shorter styles can pull off a beanie, or can be blended into trendy soft curls by adding clip in hair extensions that will give your mane that extra oomph with bounce, body, and movement. Also, this is your time to brush the dust off that embarrassing but too cute to be true Christmas knitted hat… 

Ear Muffs

On first glance, ear muffs are great for keeping your ears warm. But, on second look, they’re also fantastic for keeping hairstyles in place when the wind is not playing ball. What’s more, ear muffs come in every colour, size and even animal print – meaning that you can make a fashion statement this winter whilst keeping your ears sheltered from the cold.

Whether your hair’s down, up or half up half down, simply pop on a pair of ear muffs to keep fly-away hairs at bay and stay nice and warm at the same time.

Elegant Claw Clips

There wouldn’t be any festive hair look without an elegant claw clip, especially after the strong revival they have experienced in the past few years. These versatile accessories bring together the best of both worlds, mixing fashion and function: what’s better than a hair accessory that can secure your tresses in place whilst looking drop-dead gorgeous? Whether you’re going for a sleek updo, a casual half-up style, or a playful claw-clip ponytail, this accessory adds a deliciously Y2K-flavoured twist to your festive hairstyle. 

Want to find more claw clip inspiration? Check out our dedicated blog: Thursday Hair 101: How To Put Your Hair In A Claw Clip.

Tips for Incorporating Christmas Accessories into Your Hairstyle

Stepping up your hair game for your next best holiday look is easy when you found the right hair accessory. From whimsical hair clips to festive tiaras, dazzling claw clips, and sparkling hair bling, the possibilities are endless. 

Going for a sparkly tiara that will make you look (and feel) like royalty? Then opt for a sleep updo, a low chignon, or an artsy messy bun with elegant tendrils.

Soft curls, bouncy waves, and other hairstyles of the sort can all get great benefits from the application of trendy hair bling; last but not least, you can create the half-up hairstyle of the century with the perfect claw clip.

Christmas Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are a great place to start if you want to refresh your hair quickly and effortlessly. Solutions such as double weft hair extensions or the more glamorous and voluminous ultra volume hair extensions can help you take your hair to the next level with added bounce, structure, and dimension. Fuller, thicker hair is the perfect clean slate for glam hairstyles that require lots of luscious locks to work with.

Christmas Themed Hair Accessories

Snowflakes, Christmas trees, colourful baubles, tiny wreaths, fairy lights, mini-reindeers: if you love Christmas-themed symbols and decorations, then why not adding a touch of Santa-approved fashion to your hair too? Shopping around during the festive season will open the door to a world of on-theme hair accessories that are too cute not to be tried at least once.

The Best Christmas Hair Accessories 

So there you have it. Our favourite hair accessories and winter hats for an on-trend hair style this winter!

Not only are hair extensions a great way of updating your look this season but they can help to add volume and depth. We also have a colour match service and advice service to ensure that you can find the most natural looking additions for your hair. So, what are you waiting for? Why not try a new style this season?

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