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4 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

So long locks are all fun and games till you just want some cute but easy hairstyles for long hair other than a ponytail (though we have some pretty good ponytail hairstyle ideas too). So, if you’re feeling a little bored with rocking the same old ponytail every day of the week, it is time to think about shaking things up, the possibilities are endless. You do not need to settle for just a handful of standard styles, because there is much inspiration out there. 

We understand that it can be difficult to climb out of a hair care rut sometimes, plus there isn’t always time to sit in front of the mirror and create a mini masterpiece. This is why we want to share some of our favourite easy hairstyles for long hair.

1. Big and bouncy curls

Long Hair

If you want to tease your hair into truly big and bouncy curls, all you need to do is blow dry your natural hair as you would normally. Then, take your clip in extensions and affix it around the back of your scalp, from one ear to the other. Now, very delicately shape both the natural and hair extensions into soft curls – you can either use your fingers and a bit of hairspray, or a set of old-fashioned curls. In fact, the latter option is the best choice, because you can simply go to sleep in rollers, and when you walk up you will have a beautiful head of buoyant curls.

2. The classic braid

braids  Long Hair

In order to create a flawless braid, which is ideal for all kinds of different situations, pick your human hair extensions, and clip them carefully beneath your hair. Then, using your fingerprints, braid the natural and artificial hair together – a side braid or a traditional style is perfectly fine, the choice is yours. The long fishtail braid is one of our favourites. It keeps your hair away from your face, but still ensures that you always look elegant.

You should always use a detangling brush (or delicately with your fingers) to untangle knots in hair extensions, because being too rough with some hairbrushes could cause damage.

3. Long and Tousled

Hairstyles for Long Hair

For those who have naturally very straight and long hair, it is always going to be fun to play around with curlier styles. This is perfectly fine, but you should also try to appreciate how versatile and diverse your hair type happens to be. You can do anything that you want with straight hair – curl it, crimp it, braid it, or whatever else you can think up. In fact, the best of both worlds can be enjoyed by introducing a little bit of a wave to straight hair.

4. The half-up half-down

Hairstyles for Long Hair

We end with our favourite twist of one of the most classic and enduring styles, the half-up half-down ponytail. Divide your crown in half (gently backcomb for a bit of thickness) and tie the top half into a ponytail – if you have super long hair, it may be easier to start with one quarter of your hair, followed by the other. Gently smooth over your ponytail with a brush for a clean look, tie and add hairspray.

You can add glitzy hair accessories or add some waves to your hair.

What are your go-to easy hairstyles for long hair? Let us know, and don't forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your long hairstyle!

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