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Customer Reviews
"I really like the clip in extension bas it is soft and blends in perfectly with my hair. It looks..."
"Excellent product, real feal, easy to clip on, versatility in application is easy"

Hair Extensions

Get that glamour look with human hair extensions! Volume, lift and shine for luscious locks and total celebrity style!

Clip in hair extensions from Cliphair™, are a quality product, trusted by ladies and lasses that want to look their very best. As one of the UK's leading providers of premium human hair extensions, you can rest assured that all of our hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair - ideal whether you're looking for clip in hair extensions or prebonded extensions.

The benefits of choosing human hair extensions is that you can wash, colour, dry and style the hair just the same as your very own.

Browse our superb collection, available in a range of fantastic colours and complete with silicone clips. These non-slip clips are totally secure and subtle, so no one will be able to see where your own hair ends and luscious Cliphair locks begin!

Clip In Hair Extensions - how they work

Clip in hair extensions are a new and easy way to instantly get longer and thicker hair. No more glue-in hair that will become messy, tangled and loose over time and no more expensive and damaging hair weaving procedures. Clip in hair extensions are an inexpensive and an efficient way of glamorising your appearance - it's a simple do it yourself technique that anyone can do at home in only a few minutes.

From full head hair extension sets to one piece quick fixes and highlights, we offer a full range of hair extensions that are easy for you to fit - see our hair extension fitting guide.