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18 Inch Hair Extensions

Here at Cliphair we stock over 12 types of 18 Inch hair extensions, from temporary Clip-Ins to professional permanent extensions such as Tape-Ins or Nanos. 18 Inch is the most popular choice in hair extensions as it’s a common natural hair length, it sits at bust level just below the back bra-strap for most. Read more

We deliver the best quality Remy human hair extensions at affordable prices as well as providing unmatched customer service to guide you on your hair journey. We ship all of our products worldwide straight from our UK based headquarters offering super-fast, tracked delivery. Read less

Permanent 18 Inch Hair Extensions

Permanent extensions provide a longer lasting, professional looking alternative for people who want to keep their hair in for several weeks at a time. We stock many different types of Permanent 18 Inch hair extensions including 18 Inch Pre-Bonded hair extensions like Nano Rings and I-Tips, along with Tape-Ins and Wefts or Weaves.

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All of our professional Permanent Extensions are made from excellent quality 100% Remy, Human Hair and come in over 55 shades to ensure a perfect match to either your or your client’s hair! All Permanent Extensions should be applied and removed by a qualified extensionist.

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Tape in Hair extensions 18 inch

Our top selling pre-attached 18 Inch Tapes are lightweight, easy to apply, and come in over 55 different shades! See below for our Tape-In specifications.

  • 100% Remy, Human hair
  • 40 tape wefts per 100g pack – 2.5g per tape weft
  • Least damaging – Suitable for thin/fine hair
  • Super-fast application
  • Can be re-taped and re-used

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  • Discreet – Lays flat to the head
  • 6 to 12 week lifespan (with correct care)
  • Can be cut, dyed, washed and styled

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18 Inch Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Our 18 Inch Nano Ring Hair Extensions are made from the finest AAAAA grade, double drawn hair and come in over 20 different shades! See below for our Nano Rings specifications.

  • Double Drawn – Same thickness from roots to ends
  • 100% Remy, Human hair – AAAAA grade top quality
  • Least damaging – suitable for very thin/fine hair
  • Super discreet – invisible even in fine hair
  • 50 strands per pack – 1g per strand

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  • Great for wearing the hair up
  • Gentle application – No Glue/No Heat
  • Can be re-used
  • 6 to 12 month lifespan (with correct care)

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Temporary 18 Inch Hair Extensions

Temporary Extensions including Clip-Ins, One-Pieces, Ponytails and Fringes are the perfect choice for anyone wanting a straightforward, instant transformation that they can do themselves!

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Our bestselling range of 18 Inch Temporary Extensions come in over 60 shades all made from 100% Remy, Human hair with an option for any hair concern.

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18 inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Whether your hair is thin, thick, short or long you will find a 18 Inch Clip-In Hair Extension set perfectly suited to you in our collection.

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All of our Clip-Ins are made from 100% Remy, Human Hair with small metal, silicone lined snap clips attached. With over 60 shades to choose from your sure to find your colour match in our selection.

  • For Thin/Fine hair – Classic Full Head, Curly Full Head & Seamless Full Head
  • For Average thickness hair – Double Weft, Curly Full Head & Seamless Full Head
  • For Thick hair – Ultra-Volume Full Head

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18 inch Curly Hair Extensions

Our 18 Inch Curly Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy, Human hair and come in 18 colour variations. The tightly curled design is a great match to naturally ringleted hair or it can be added to styled chopstick curls to enhance the volume or length!

18 Inch One Piece Hair Extensions

The quickest, easiest route to more length and thickness is our 18 Inch One Piece Clip-In Human Hair Extensions. Applied in under 3 minutes with minimal effort, a One Piece is the top choice for anyone wanting an instant transformation.

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With options for thin, thick, and average thickness hair there is a choice for everyone. All our One Pieces are made from 100% Remy, Human hair and come in over 50 different shades.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • 18 Inch’s is just under 46cm in length. This length will usually sit at bust level for most people however this can vary depending on your height.
    • This totally depends on what look you are trying to achieve and on your own hair type. Usually 20” sits at the top of the rib level and 18” just above that.
    • Hair Extension prices will vary depending on the colour, thickness, weight, type and quality.
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