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Supreme Quad Weft

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Our Supreme Quad Weft hair extensions are an instant solution for those seeking ultimate volume and maximum comfort. These revolutionary hair extensions give you more volume and thickness with four wefts of hair sewn on one thick lace piece (instead of eight), securely attached with just five small, subtle silicon-coated clips. 

The main difference between our standard Quad Wefts is that Supreme Quad Wefts are 40g heavier at 120g. This is our heaviest, thickest one piece for customers going for gold when it comes to glam and big volume! The seam is thicker than the other one pieces meaning this piece is great for hair down styles or half up half down. It can be used on its own to create both length and volume even in thick hair. 

The 10-inch-wide piece securely clips on to your head, from ear to ear, so you can achieve a fuller look in seconds. Simply just clip in and go! Or check out our full range of single piece hair extensions for all hair types!
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Supreme Quad Weft
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