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Straight Up Wrap Around Ponytail Extension

Introducing our celebrity standard Straight Up Wrap Around Clip In Ponytail Extension. Read more

Combining straight forward application, ease of styling, and premium quality in three lavish lengths made from silky Remy human hair for the perfect updo.

Available in three lavish lengths: The 14 Inch: Mini (100g), 20 Inch: Classic (120g) and  24 Inch Mega: (140g). With blonde, brown, black and red multiple shades to suit you, you'll have endless styles at your fingertips. Read less

For more information, check out our product information section and Straight Up Wrap Around Ponytail FAQs.

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Are you lacking the volume and length to pull off your up-do dreams? Created using our finest quality silky Remy human hair, our sophisticated clip in and Velcro design couldn’t be easier to apply, with built in combs that grip under your bobble and Velcro straps to secure your perfect pony in place. The wrap around design beautifully renders your transformation seamless and secret, simply wrap the special section of hair around your new ‘pony to complete your transformation! 

Straight Up Wrap Around FAQ's

    • The weight of the Ponytail and your own hair type will determine the amount it should be worn. For the Straight Up Ponytail, we advise wearing it no more than 1-2 times per week as they can be slightly heavy for finer haired users. Fine haired users should opt for our lightest size (14" = Mini (100g)) to ensure they are not putting too much weight on their hair.
    • Absolutely! As all our hair is 100% human, it can be curled, straightened, waved, and styled in any way you like. Just remember to use Heat Protection spray and avoid temperatures above 190 degrees.
    • Of course! We advise washing your Ponytail every 15-20 uses as it will not get dirty as quick as other hair extensions as they sit above the root. Always use Sulphate free shampoos and give the hair a good condition after it has been washed.
    • As our hair is 100% it can be dyed and toned. However, just like with our own hair any chemical service can affect the quality and slightly decrease the life span. We advise never to bleach or lighten any hair extensions, only dye, or tone the hair darker with a semi-permanent dye for the best results.
    • With good care your Clip-in ponytail could last you up to a year! As a general rule the more you use hair extensions the quicker they will deteriorate, so if your Ponytail is only worn on special occasions you will have a long and happy life together!
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